Rusty,Dirty,Filthy,Burnt Custom Mando*UPDATE*


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It's been a while but I've pretty much completed the right gauntlet. Hey, guess what....It's rusty and dirty!
I cut out a section on the top and put into place some screen material I had from when my rear projection TV went out. Under the "screen" I installed 4 random flashing LED's that are amber in color. You can get an idea of how it works in the second pic.



Getting close to bringing this whole thing together. Stay tuned!:cheers


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Outstanding! Like everyone else here I think your weathering is awesome! Though it prompted a question? Would a true Mando ever let his armor rust??

Whatever the answer I think your work so far looks amazing! Well done!


Love this paint up!!! Sorry for bringing this back from the dead but this thread inspired me to do my first custom back when I was a sophomore in high school I'd think about it from time to time and never thought I'd see it again until I was browsing through google and there it was! Amazing work here!!!

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