Rusty,Dirty,Filthy,Burnt Custom Mando*UPDATE*


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Hey all! Im doing a custom Mando for a friend and thought I'd share some pics. The helmet started as a Sgt. Fang and it will finish as a "been around the block" Mando. I was going for a warrior that had seen his fair share of action and had alot of wet work. The lid has a binding post visor mount, counter sunk ears and magnet ear cap. It will have a BKBT alum. stalk and a hollow range finder ( I just got today...thank you Scott). Armor will follow so stay tuned. Comments and suggestions welcome.






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that rust looks really impressive. The thing actually looks like metal that's seen it's finest days over...

Don' t you wanna mist it a little bit? I mean it's rusty and weathered and tathered, but especially the doom strikes me still as a bit... clean.

It's just a thought.

dude, this is one of the more convincing customs I' ve seen.

Good job!!
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Thanks everyone for your comments.

RBF- There actually is some weathering on the top of the dome, the sun just washed it out in the pics. I didn't want to put too much more on, I felt like I was getting carried away. I just didn't want to.....over do it.
I'm looking forward to getting started on the armor.
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This gets the Lutso stamp of approval, for sure. Easily one of the best paint jobs I've ever seen. Realism to rival the movies.
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