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Hey folks,
I'll be posting shortly the pics and shoutouts for COMIC-CON! Man it was a blast... I'm still trying to convince myself that I am not, indeed, Boba Fett. It's hard, but I'm making progress...

I'm standing there in a booth (in costume) and I see a wall of star wars helmets. I didn't want to take the helmet off, so I'm just touching the helmets and trying to get a good look at them. I ask one of the exhibitors if those are Don Post or Rubies. He said they're Rubies. I asked him if they used the same molds or rehashed the same old crappy 97 molds and sort of dropped a few opinions about rubies quality at the same time. WEEEELLL... guess who's booth I was standing in? lol... yup, it was the Rubies booth lol :D

Well I came back later without the costume and got to check the helmets.

Jango: correct 'closed' ear piece. Visor extends a little further towards the bottom but is still not 'full'. The helmet is very elongated, not 'circular'. Sort of snoutlike...

Boba: Same shape as Jango, very snoutlike and poor quality.

Royal Guard: Thinner, lighter, brighter color. The mold appears to be very, uh, well-defined. Meaning the edges are hard and very 'chiseled' whereas the DP ones were more fluid and rounded. It was only $45 and the fetts were around $60

Biker Scout: Looked good, I didn't notice any difference between it and the old DP's, but that point would be better answered by our resident scouts...

All in all, find yourself another source for Fett helmets, or try and reshape these...

the material used on the rubbies seems to be the same as the 97 dp, although it is a little more roomier than my 97 dp. the mold is almost the same i can see on the rubbies where the dp logo was.

Yes, I also thought the materials were very similar.

Where the 97's were short from front/back and very wide, these rubies helmets are very LONG front/back and nearly vertical on the sides.

It's sad that they worried about the relatively obscure detail of the closed ear piece on Jango and completely ignored the visor and correct shape.

Very sad,
So the visor is not a full clear visor? Is it just a part and the rest painted like the DP ones?
Exactly the same. Only difference was that the Jango appeared to come down a little further. The Boba ends about a half-inch down, the Jango might go as far as halfway.

I didn't think to look at the boba to see if the new Rubies ones come down further than they used to though. It was definitely still part vinyl though.

Hey JMP, pretty much hit the nail on the head when describing the helmets. I didn't look too close at the biker scout or royal guard but the Fetts looked very similar to DP's helmets to me; I don't know all the small details of the DP's by memory very well, but I kept thinking to myself "Are those were DP's or Rubies?".
I think my favorite helmet they had was the clone trooper. I don't know about accuraccy, but it looked good and seemed solid.

Take care,

Actually it is not half bad(if left in box, never taken out or worn and left in a closet) i ordered a helmet and when i found out it was a rubies i cancelled the order. but i recieved it last week. it is ok, but i would rather have a dp97 if that says anything about it

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Lemme tell you all something....I pre-ordered this from entertainment earth back in april cause it looked pretty good and i saw it at C2 from a distance and it looked ok. Everyone here has pretty much bashed it...but i let my order ride thinking maybe it will work with a re paint. I got it in the mail today!!!!
AND :puke

Well there you have my opinion....
I LIKE MY DP97 BOBA SHAPE BETTER-----I should have listened to the friends here and cancelled my order, do yourselves a favor and look at it in a store if you like but dont order it without having it in your hands once...

Take this from someone who though it might be ok and put that 50-70 dollars in a piggy bank and add to it later for a FG recast if you can find one somewhere....
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I just bought a Fett helmet on Ebay thinking it was the '96 DP. Well, I just got it in the mail yesterday and I was really excited. I opened the box and to my horror, it was a '96 Rubies!!!! I spent $60 on a Rubies!!! I was so angry, I chucked the helmet across the room. No damage so its going back up on Ebay. I LOVE my warped visor-less '97 DP compared to this. The helmet is made of VERY soft rubber, It is incredibly small, the paint job is so bad it almot made me puke, and the rangefinder and earpiece are made of thin black plastic!!! Other than that is a good helmet. :puke
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Rubies CRAP helmets

Well, I can't say I'm too excited about the Rubies Jango helmet I am waiting for. I absolutely figured that it would need a complete overhaul but doesn't even sound worth that. Not exactly sure why they just can't seem to get someone employed in those companies that knew the product they were making?? I wonder if Master Replicas is only going to stick to lightsabers or broaden their horizon with some dead-on helmets!!!!! I WON'T HOLD MY BREATH, but its a nice thought... With the wait everyone is going through on the saber delays, it might be the year 2010 before we see any developments!
what doe,s everyone think of the rubies helmet i finnally got my hands on one the other day and it was about the same as th dp fett.but i will still wait untill the day after halloween for half off at the halloween shop
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just saw it the other day and i must agree with every else but i will try and get one the day after halloween when the sales i am not cheep i am the poor
I guess it depends on how close to perfection you want. I have one of the rubies and it is alright. If you look at some the pictures of the custom helmets on this sight they kinda blow it away.
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I was there at Comic-Con also. I talked with the rep from Rubies. He said that the most of the molds are from DP. He said that the Jango was a new sculpt. I could tell, becuase it looked well different. I will leave it at that.

The jango was definately longer from back to front. A bit bigger all around, but not much taller. The Boba Fett looked exactly like a DP 97. All in all, they are certainly a good starting point. With a new paint job, new visor they wouldn't be half bad. Certaily not a nice and accurate as some of the Fiberglass helmets floating around, but not everyone has that kinda cash to drop.

Also, I thought the Clonetrooper helmet was nice. I like the looks of it 10 times more than the Kellogs helmet. It was made of the somewhat soft vinyl, but again, a great starting point.

Well, that is my .02 cents.
So what is this JF helmet that entertainment earth sent? I've had mine on pre-ordered since May and it's been saying "comming soon" for month. I've checked on the status just about everyday and the only thing that changes is the release date. Then I heard that Rubies made different version and the versions that everyone is getting now is NOT the "collectors edition" (CE) of it. That the CE version is much better. This is only what I heard and I tend to somewhat believe it since I haven't gotten mine in and mine was set to be the CE version. Can anyone FINALLY verify this for me? And maybe explaing why EA has had it as comming soon for months and some pleople are getting it.
mine was the collectors version, the most expensive one, i had ordered it from entertainment earth back in april just after C2. trust me you can read my other post above, cancell the order, they are terrible, no pinstripes, dull chrome instead of mirror finish that is shown...partial visor, and the range finder is so loose that it just falls to the down position on its own...uhhhhh
I got the Rubies today.
I got some work to do.
To answer the question, this is the CE one. That guy on ebay that says these are not is going to be in very big trouble from the people that ordered that picture.
Oh, the UPC is the proof that this is the CE. Look at the EE catalog.



I am so glad I cancelled my order. :D After reading all the negative comments posted here, and on the advice of someone on this site, I decided to cancel my order. A friend told me I'd be sorry and tried to talk me out of cancelling. Well he got his Rubies Jango helmet this past weekend and guess who's sorry now! What a piece of junk! So, while he's out almost $80.00, I'm putting the money I saved towards a helmet that's worth having!

Thank God for The Dented Helmet!! (y)
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