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I only somewhat agree with this statement. From what I've seen, what makes or breaks an outfit is the chest armour's relative size and placement.

I've seen quite a few member's Jango outfit pictures where the plates don't sit very well, or overlap the flak vest, or aren't spaced out nicely and evenly enough. This is probably because the armour is a one-size-fits-all deal, so it looks bunched up and crowded on a smaller Jango, and spread out too far on a larger Jango.

The shiniest, most expensive helmet won't fix this, unfortunately...
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I agree,the dp is good for under 6',but,even tho my recasted altmans is bigger,and better shaped,it still works on me @ 5'7".All I did was to flare out the altmans a little more,and fill in the ugly damage marks(as the original wasn't damaged,only painted).The dp's I have,I give to my kids(My son Jake,11,is a custom purple and black,and my little girl Rosie,6,is a pink and white Mando.........I have a dozen or so recasted altmans lids with the damage unfilled,and they look SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ugly.........I might get around to working on 'em,one day.....but,for now,they make great presents for my pals who are into star wars.I have a friend,who trains horses.She was thrown,and broke her leg badly.She felt a LOT better when I presented her with a painted f/g boba lid,as a "get well soon" gift.The look on her face was worth a million dollars.............
I guess I have too many can never have too many


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Well!!!!!!!!! I saw here the total destruction of the Jango Fett rubies helmet, all the opinions writing are valid and true!!!!!!! but!!!!!!, take this point:
1) Is a economic helmet.....
2) Not all the people had to spend 300$ o more in a helmet, or the skills to fabric one..

But: I have reciently a Jango rubies helmet, and I am so happy for this:
1) I have a T.visor to replacing the T original ( Good!!!
(epoxi 5 minutes is the perfect glue)
2) I going to paint the 2 black lines of the helmet top, to ensure a better jango helmet.
spray color black mate or dry (without bright)
3) Is a light and confortable helmet........

Later of this I will have a better Jango rubies helmet......
And of course!!!!!!! there are better helmets in the market, but remember the objetive is
achieving a Jango costume with the reach of our economy.......


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heres a pic of my Rubies boba fett helmet but this is with some work ive done to it
sofar.Idk why every says that the rubies helmets are small honestly its not it's quite roomy
and i'm 5;8'
(I still have to tweek the visor area to make it a little more narrow once my visor comes in the mail).
I had to take out the old visor because it only cover the upper part of the T and i had to cut the lower part of the T out as well.
I had to use a hairdryer to reshape it to flare out more on the sides heres how it looks now.

I had to install a metal ring to keep it in shape and add alittle strength to the helmet

I also cut the keyholes out


Theres alot of work that needs to be put in but it's pretty fun and not that bad if you the type who likes
to mod.Next i need to paint it.
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The rubiis helmets (boba and jango), need some changes to be a better helmet, special point the visor!!!!, and to be sure and confort is nessesary a little changes inside the helmet, maybe using a pad or a industrial helmet base, why?? for ensure and not causes the innecesary movements in the helmet while we are using.Is a fact the rubies helmets are good!!! but yo need to know that their need work an hand cares to be a real perfect helmet. Only thing that you need to know is that the rubies helmets not are totaly percfect is you are a person with a long neck, because you gonna show you neck so much, but if you want to solve this, you just need to use a pad neck design especially to you and ready the problem is solved.............

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Rubies??!! why do peeps still get them? They produce **** for serious dollars. We have warned many Oz members against them but you still get the odd peeps buying them and then complaining on the forums! LOL