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Greetings fellow Bounty Hunters!
I'm back with another installment of how to do or not do your ears. :)
Short story, I was informed my current ears would not make it through the certification process so I'm redoing them.

First picture below is using a liquid masking technique. I recall it being a little challenging because all of the surfaces on the ears are at some sort of angle and the masking wants to run.... I had a pretty good result using a layering method and using steel wool to pull away layered paint for a weathered look. At least, that's what I did on my Left Ear. So I'm going to go for it and do it again. I may take a light pencil and help identify areas with some more/less paint to be applied.

The printout is a picture from the CRL's that I zoomed in on. For reference, my current/old ear is next to it.
Probably not the worst ear on record, but like all things, I know I can do better.... this time I will wear a mask. No
Right Ear BF Before.jpg


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So last night I snuck down to the garage and hand sanded the right ears with 400 and 1000 grit sandpaper.
I cleaned off the residue and then made a fine mixture of Matt (who's he) 147 which will serve as the base layer.

By the way, if you don't have these tiny beakers and glass stirring rods, get yourself some on Amazon. They work great for Humbrol paint tins.
I used to shake the heck out these.... Doesn't work. I think at some point, I gave myself rattled brain syndrome.
You need one of these sticks to ready stir up and agitate the paint before you mix in the thinner.. (Free advice right there!)
BF Right Ear Painted with Mat.jpg
paint and beaker.jpg
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Good morning Bounty Hunters...

Over on the Facebook TDH, I was talked into applying a layer of Aluminum as the base instead of the Matt (who's he) 147.

Applied it last night using Humbrol 27001 Aluminum Metalcote.

Tonight I'll apply some strategically place masking and prep for the next layer. Which I still need to sort out.

Probably the darker grey, and black metallic tins.

BF Right Ear Painted with Aluminum 27001.jpg


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Greetings Bounty Hunters.

Went to Bend for the weekend. Needed a fresh view on things.

Headed down to the garage this evening.

Masked applied. Used some tools to help with location and spacing.

Will hit it tomorrow with some darker metallic colors.

Picture of the real helmet. Enlarged on the tablet to my ear size.

Pretty smart huh?
ROTJ Right Ear Mask.jpg


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Back at it again. I applied a light dusting of Humbrol Metalic Black 201 to try and provide that metallic look.
I was looking at a picture like my post above and trying to leave a few sections exposed to the Aluminum color underneath. A light misting of 201 over these areas.
BF right ear painted with Black Metal 201.jpg

Next step was to apply another light coat of Humbol Flatt Black 33 again trying to leave the Aluminum showing on the right edges.

BF Right Ear Painted with Black Met 33.jpg


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Waited over night for the enamel to dry.... Pulled off the masking with a dental pick.
Found the reference picture and did my best with steel wool to remove and weather the paint.
Again, I think I've improved 100 percent since my first try.
BF Right Ear Final.jpg