ROTJ Knees - aside from the darts, are they symmetrical?


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Hey, folks,
I'm currently scratch building a pair of ROTJ knees and have hit a small stumbling block.

Using the WoF templates as a guide and referencing this image...


Does this hold true for ROTJ too or is it one of the other various flavours of Fett?

What I'm interested in is making sure I understand that...

Left and right knees have a different back profile (red line) - the right knee has a smooth curve all the way to the back, the left knee has a little indent/bump as it follows the curve

Trying to look specifically at ROTJ reference images in the gallery - this looks like the left knee hasn't got the little indent/bump


Which is correct for ROTJ Boba -
two identically smooth curves
or a smooth curve on the right knee, an indent/bump on the left?

Many thanks!


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You are quite astute!
Indeed the sculpts ate asymmetrical as per the first two images


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Thank you! That's really appreciated - been trying to get confirmation. Was at a Mercs troop last weekend scrutinising my buddy's ESB Fett knees and getting weird looks, and I know that the suit at the Identities Exhibition in London was made up of parts from different costumes, so getting a definite answer on what constitutes the ROTJ is so helpful.
Thanks again