1. DirtyRogue

    What If Fett paint up, in mando colors

    Taking some steps to level up my picture game. One of my personal helmets with a flight suit crafted by @vultureproductions. This is my official GO TO guy for soft parts. If you’ve been looking for a flight suit for your mando build, just outstanding quality of work. The “fur” is a child’s...
  2. Deja Fett

    ESB Fett Helmet Painted w/ Mando Color Palette

    Very excited to finally share this project here. I do a lot of what I call, "What If" paint jobs on existed Star Wars Helmets. Canon Helmets reimagined with a different take on what could have been. This is a ESB Fett done with the color palette of The Mandalorian, but staying true to the damage...
  3. J

    Newbie-wanting to start on Boba Fett for 501st

    So I’m new to this and am looking into putting together the Return of the Jedi Boba Fett. Looking to join the 501st in the future. Are there any sites recommended for getting kits for the helmet, armor, etc.? Where should I start? I’ve been looking at what is required on 501st, but unsure...
  4. RBF

    STAR WARS is.. timeless :)

    It truly is!! I saw the Last jedi with my 6 year old (the trooper in this picture) and it was such an experience. To see your own child as enthusiastic, thrilled... downright nerveus when the letters pop on the screen and the STAR WARS theme thunders in... wow :) The costuming is soaking in...
  5. SykoVoss

    ROTJ Knees - aside from the darts, are they symmetrical?

    Hey, folks, I'm currently scratch building a pair of ROTJ knees and have hit a small stumbling block. Using the WoF templates as a guide and referencing this image... Does this hold true for ROTJ too or is it one of the other various flavours of Fett? What I'm interested in is making sure I...