knee darts

  1. MachineCraft

    MachineCraft Knee Darts

    MachineCraft Aluminum Knee Darts - Includes 3 Large Dart Launchers - Includes 1 Small Dart Launcher accurate to the dimensions of the Michell found part - 1/4" Threaded holes on back side for easy installation/removal - CNC Machined from T6061 Aluminum - Made in the USA NOTE: If purchasing...
  2. SykoVoss

    ROTJ Knees - aside from the darts, are they symmetrical?

    Hey, folks, I'm currently scratch building a pair of ROTJ knees and have hit a small stumbling block. Using the WoF templates as a guide and referencing this image... Does this hold true for ROTJ too or is it one of the other various flavours of Fett? What I'm interested in is making sure I...