ROTJ helmet paint colors


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Okay, gang, it's time.

I finally have the fiberglass bucket ready to paint. I used Bondo, Squadron green putty, a Dremel, several picks and hobby knives, and a good amount of patience.

I squared the visor edges (they were round), hollowed out the keyholes, filled in all the DP scratches and blemishes, strightened the front visor edges and took the fiberglass warple out of the dome.

Now to the question: for all you ROTJers out there, how much difference is there in basic paint colors? What did you use?

I hope to get shots of my primed helmet up here soon. I'm a lucky man- not every guy has a girlfriend who'll buy him a helmet for Valentine's Day...


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Check my topic on "Are these colors right?" (or something like that). For more info, go to and it has the same colors for the helmet that I mentioned before; the topic is for ideas or opinions if the colors are different in some way.