ROTJ Helmet Color Scheme??

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Ok all, I am finally ready to start painting my Boba Fett helmet and am going to be going for the ROTJ paint scheme. I have a bunch of good pictures but am crappy when it comes to matching the colors when I get to the store. I have seen some great list for the armor as far as what paints to get, does anyone have a list for the helmet? Any help would be great and if this posted somewhere already, sorry for the redundancy. Thanks a bunch!
Here's my ROTJ helmet, sorry the picture is small but it is my only online photo. The helmet is burgandy for the T visor, spruce green for the top and cheeks, silver for the ear pieces, the helmet stripes are a spectrum red, the back of the helmet and the undersides of the cheeks are forest green(the undersides are heavily misted with flat black). I hope this helps.
Lookin through the Ref CD, it shows that the from certain angles the under cheek area has a bluish tint and the back of the helmet is the dark (hunter) green. Then the key hole spot is the same bluish color. Has anyone found this bluish cheek color?
I'm not sure that is a found color, unfortunately. It seems to be like a charcoal black mixed with some indigo and maybe a tad of green.
Heys guys can ya give me an idea of what paints and colors are needed to paint my Mystery Helmet ROTJ style?
Thanks in advance!
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I used hunter green satin for the back, colonial red for the front, krylon semi flat black, and a camoflage green for the top and cheek.
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The green for the helmet should match the green used on the armor...right?
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For a complete guide of both ESB and ROTJ, check this link to that specific thread, and check it out completely, it contains other links to other areas (ROTJ).

And BTW, the color of the helmet DOES NOT match the armor colors. The only color that could get close is the Spruce Green, but it's lightly misted with flat black and probably a darker green...bottom line, is darker than the green in the helmet, specially the ROTJ helmet (actually the MoM pics)...just ask Tylerdurden and you'll see...he's the one who told me that. ;)

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I have a MH and would like to finish it in the ROTJ paint scheme. Can someone tell me what colors and brand of paints to use for making my ROTJ helmet look film accurate?
I'm in the US,Florida to be exact. So i'm think Lowes or Home Depot or wally mart for the paints?? And what primer should be used and how many coats and how long should i wait to paint the other colors? I don't want to paint a color and and mask it and then remove the tape to only have some of the paint come off with it. Its happened to me before and its very frustrastin. The helmet made of a polyurethene/resin,its tan colred material right now. And whats a good way of attaching the ears pieces and visor?
Please help a Fett out?
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There's still no definitive list for those paints. I guess your old thread where you asked this question 7 months ago wasn't what you were looking for? (old post merged above)

Just search around a bit, you'll be able to get most of the colors close, but like I said, the exact colors haven't been nailed...yet.

In the meantime, try this thread to get you close:
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Email me for the correct paint colors and brands for your lid........all the best..jon........
p.s. the armor was made in England,then sent to LFL for the paint job,and sent back to Elstree for filming,so U.S. paint brands were used,and good for us.they STILL make them.....but,the quality of the paint is much better now,due to advances in paint technology.....
no way.the armor paint is SAC bomber green.that's the real paint used.........I have it in my dad's notebook..he worked on the original.hope this helps......................
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How about a brand name. Since your Dad didn't paint any of the suits how would he know this? If it was Modelmaster that brand was not made until the early 80's and most of the suits were painted in 1978(Testors was around back then but not the model master line).
I definitely do not want to be an antagonist but please prove your claims with evidence/proof. We all do a great deal of research on this board and even with all of the time I have spent on this research I have still had to make guesses and since two of the original painters of the suit I have had communication with do not remember the colors only the brand and type of paint. Model master brands have only been mentioned by everyone but those two folks.

Incredible claims require incredible proof.

SAC bomber green is a Testors Model Masters product. Sounds worth giving it a look.

OZFettmaker: We appreciate the input, but we would love some could be helpful. No offense, but we've had loads of visitors here making statements such as your's, sadly most all have been false.
I painted my old ESB gauntlets with testors sac bomber green # FS34159 one time last summer, (sanded it off as soon as it was dry):lol:. My feeling is that it is a bit too light to be the Jedi bucket color, but with the right amount of weathering to darken it up, it could be close. might be worth trying :)
Fellow TDH members,

This thread had become sidetracked by the issue of OzFettMaker not backing up his claims. Those posts became very biting and disrespectful. While we always ecourage members to back up their claims with proof, and it is understandable that some are leary of those who do not feel the need to show proof, it is not a requirement that proof be shown. If any member makes a claim and does not or will not back that claim up it is YOUR responsibility to check into it for yourself. While you may respectfully ask a member to show proof, it is not your job, or the job of the administration to force anyone to show proof of their claims.

On the other hand, if you are here simply to throw out information in such a way as to tease or tantilize members and consistantly flaunt your information while dancing around the issue of proof, your activity could be considered trolling. While we understand and respect that some sources need to be protected for various reasons there is a fine line between protecting a source and repeatedly posting information without proof soley to boost one's ego.

Remember, above all, we are here to HELP each other. It would seem that some now consider this a race; an EGO-Challenge. It is not. It is about all of us helping bring each other up, sharing what we know. Once we begin to horde info, become suspicous of one another, and form cliques, the strong community that has been created here will crumble. As stated in the CoC: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Following this rule alone would end almost all the strife we have recently seen on the board. The key is respect.

Finally, the posts regarding OzFettmaker's lack of proof have been removed. While you may ask for proof, do not browbeat him or anyone else about it. OzFettmaker, you have made some very direspectful posts in response to other member's request for proof. While it is fine if you do not wish to share proof, consider the WAY in which you respond. Disrespect, for any reason, is unacceptable.

The Dent
A good example of what the dent just said, would be the RPF, before the new sheriff Wampa came to town. Hopfully, the RPF can become more like the dented helmet, and not vise-versa.
I've gotta admit that I think people can become sidetracked with exact colour schemes.
Last year I answered my front door at my daughter's 9th birthday, in costume, when the father of one of her friends came to pick her up.
Now, my colours may not be "spot-on" and there may be a few innacurracies in it, but what was the first thing that the father said??
"WHOAAAAA........COOL, It's Boba Fett"

He didn't care if it was midnight blue or ocean blue or whatever. He just looked at the costume as a whole, and liked what he saw.

I can appreciate that some people want it as accurate as possible, but for the others out there. Don't get sidetracked, or bogged down in minor details. Build your costume and be proud of it.
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