General ROTJ costume made under $400..


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So about 2 months ago i decided to make my own ROTJ costume. I thought about buying the Rubies costume but i read so many bad reviews about it. Which I'm glad i didn't buy because I think my costume looks way better. I discovered The Dented Helmet on the internet and found everything I needed to make this a reality. Before i set out to do this I gave myself a $400 budget to make this costume. I know its tight but I'm a college student... so i had to use my brain. I spent good money on where it counted ( helmet, blaster and gauntlets) Everything else was built or i used off brand stuff.
So the costume is not entirely film accurate nor 501st approved but I think the average person isn't going to know this expect die hard fanboys ( like me). I like where the costume is at right now. I'm not ashamed to cosplay in it but i will be making small updates to the costume when I can.
( I hear that building a Fett costume is like a drug.. enough is never enough :p )

Pictures of costume are here ( I couldn't for some reason upload right to the form)

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Well done. Well done man
Your jetpack looks great.... no its not completely accurate.. but the overall result is stunning


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Hi LukeFett, would you be willing to post where you bought some of the off brand stuff? It looks great and that's around the budget I'm looking for!


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Armor is made of sheet metal. Was the cheapest option for me. Didn't have the resources to make plastic armor.
Jetpack is made of PVC pipe, some plastic sign and lots of bondo.
The top rocket and the thruster are made of various bottles that I found at my local dollar store.

Here are some pictures of my build of the jetpack

hope it helps.. if you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them.


Love seeing builds like these, looks great! My question is do you now the actual weight of the jetpack? I'm doing a custom mando and can't spend another $300+ on another one. Was thinking of doing it similar to this but was concerned about having a heavy pack to lug.


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well thank you. I completely understand about the weight.
The jetpack weights about 7 lbs..

I used the harness sketch from Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props - BOBA FETT COSTUME PROP ARMOR TK-409. It work great but with the weight of the jetpack pulls on my collar armor( choking me) so I had to find fix that.
So i attached a small wood shelve to the back armor to hold the jetpack up. Btw you can't see the wood shelve when walking around. Bonus
I then saw that the jetpack was on an angle so i added a strip of industrial velcro to jetpack and back armor to keep it straight.
Works well now. I can cosplay with ease without being choked.

hope that answered your question :D



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I got it off eBay for $90- Had to sand the living days lights of it to get it smooth.. had to cut the vizor out myself( terrifying experience)
Spent about $50 on spray paint. ( I painted the helmet myself)
So over all cost me about $140


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This is what it used to be like! It reminds me of wayyy back when I built my first Fett... many many years ago when you had to pause your vhs and stare to see the details! Love the build! Great job! IMG_20140831_031040_567.jpg IMG_20140831_031134_726.jpg I made my first jetpack from bottles and rigid foam!