ROTJ Bucket


I finally decided to start working on my Boba helmet, been to scared about messing it up lol. But I was wondering what are the paint colors I need for the ROTJ helmet? I am going to start cutting and sanding it out today, Ill turn this into my progress thread once I get pics.
Hehe, yep, Rattlecan is Spraypaint. The reason he asked is that many members paint their armour and helmets with airbrushes. If you are using Spray Paints, you may want to contact TK7602, he does a great job with Spraypaint and his ROTJ suit.
I was wondering if anybody has ever tried floral spray? I was discussing it with my mum and she asked that. She took me to a table she did with floral spray and said scatch it off, it doesnt. Just wondering if not im going with the spray can method, and Ill contact TK7602.

I doubt you could get the colors you need from floral spray.

A Fett Full of Dollars has the best spray can colors in my opinion, talk to him.

As far as airbrush colors go, there is still no set "list" like Rogue Studios ESB colors. I am working with RS to resolve that issue though.
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