Rotj Armor Color.


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This post is directed at members who have seen the armor in person and can chime in to what color the armor appears as to the naked eye. I do understand that the armor color will change between different cameras and computer monitors.
I am trying to find the most correct color I can to paint the armor. Looking through the reference photos, 501st requirements, promo material, other members paint ups and there are many different colors the ROTJ armor looks like. There are 4 main different colors I noticed.

1. Brownish Green- Kinda looks like a more green coach green color. The armor looks this color in a lot of the old promo photos for the SE suit. And the Suit in the 501st reference CRL looks this way. This color seem off to me. I noticed the armor pieces look like this in super bright, direct, yellow lighting.

2. Dark, Slightly grey dull green- Akin to the hunt Club green or the color reference swab for the 501st. Looks almost black in poor lighting. Many reference photos do appear to look this way. The photos of Boba in Jabbas palace do appear to make the armor color look this way. was wondering if this is due to the cameras used not being able to pick up greens.

3.Light to Deep green- Akin to Tamiya Deep Green or Archive x Weyerhaeuser green. Some of the newer reference photos match the Weyerhaeuser Green very closely and the photo showing the backside of fett in the Star Wars costume book the back piece looks like a very similar color. Some photos look like a normal bright green.

4. Darkened deep green- The same as three, but looks to be misted/ darkened with black and washes to appear like a darkened Weyerhaeuser green. In brighter, more direct light it appears green. But in off light it looks very dark, almost black. Akin to the Jabba palace reference photos, and of course, some reference photos I have found.

I am leaning more towards 4 myself but not being able to see the armor in person I just cant know.

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