1. J

    ROTJ Boba color pallet for airbrushing ?

    Hey everyone I’m just now ordering my BobaMaker ROTJ helemt. My goal is to be 501st approved at the end of this build. Anyways I have already bought my eclipse hp-cs airbrush and I looked at the color pallet on the 501st‘s website and I want to match those as closely as possible because I want...
  2. T

    Rotj Armor Color.

    Hello, This post is directed at members who have seen the armor in person and can chime in to what color the armor appears as to the naked eye. I do understand that the armor color will change between different cameras and computer monitors. I am trying to find the most...
  3. James Hunt

    Testors paints for ROTJ armor?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Testor's brand paint colors that are comparable to Humbrol or Floquil for armor, gauntlets, and helmet? Does anyone have any of these logged away? If not is there a better place to get Humbrol paints online?