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Can someone please direct me to the thread that I'm sure exists already for the correct colors for painting the ROTJ helmet? Thank you.
Sweet choices... I used the following for the Ripcode ROTJ... there are a few colors I will have to post when I get home but I can call them out by discription here.

matt 31(main color)

"153 Insignia Red" Mix this with flat black and Boxcar Red to get it right.(mandibles) Keep it strait from the can for the forhead arrow.

"77 Matt Navy Blue" Mix a tad bit of black with this one if you feel its to light.
(upper cheeks)

Humbrol enamel

Humbrol super enamel

There are 3 types of silver I used, I dont have the numbers with me but there the only ones they have. There is a silver chrome, a medium silver and a gunmetal. I used all 3.
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