Rogue Studios ROTJ Helmet Paint Scheme

As of right now, RS has only put together the ESB paint scheme colors. It took him a lot of concerted effort and dubious research to obtain the list he has so gratioulsy posted for us.
There have been many who have painted fantastic ROTJ buckets that look pretty dead on and you might want to cruize those threads to see who the painters were.
RS told me that the uppercheak color was one of the biggest differences, and that color was C&O enchament blue. When you paint it, it looks very blue but in pics it looks very nice, dead on if you ask me.
I pretty sure (key words there) the rest of the colors are the same, the dome and lower cheaks are Panzer olive grun, the back is Us Med green, the uppercheaks are C&O enchament blue, and the mandibles are boxcar red. The kill marks are that funky orange color, reefer orange I think. I will check that tonight.
Here are some links to a helmet that I painted ROTJ using those colors. The last one is with out flash to give you an idea of what the colors look like in real life. The flash changes them big time.




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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that would be C&O railroad. Many of these colors are used to paint model railroad stuff.
fettenvy said:
what does C&O mean when you say "C&O enchament blue"?
where can you find C&O enchament blue? also, I know this is a helmet forum but while I'm asking where to find paint, I don't know where to find the color for the knee pads, caterpillar yellow, or something like that.

thanks for the help
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