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November 5, 2003 Update:

I'd just like to thank you all for this succesful outcome of the project! I hope my LED's are working nicely in every bucket? I'd love to see some pics of these in action ;)

On another note, if anyone else would like a set of these, just drop me a line please and I'll see what I can do. Again, I'm always open to trading! So here are some parts I'm still in need of:
<LI> Jumpsuit (!)
<LI> Ammo & Girth Belts
<LI> Knee armor
<LI> Gloves
<LI> Better bucket (I have a DP 96 now, but I might want an FG one)
<LI> Chest lights

Alright, so if anyone could help me out with any of the above that'd be great! But if you just want to pick up a set of lights that's perfect too! :D


August 5, 2003 Update:

I'm almost done with everyone! Phew! :)
I've still got one to make, so if anyone wants another set, lemme know please!


July 8, 2003 Update:

I'm almost done making all the final orders, so you should all have them soon! I hope everyone is happy with these lights so far. :)
I'm also letting you all know that I'll be out of town from July 9th to July 26th! But if someone still places an order, I will definitely try and make it no matter what ;)!

Cheers for now!

June 7, 2003 Update:

Ok, I've finished the manual!!! :D
I'll be emailing it to everyone, but for now just download it from here: RF Manual.PDF

It's very small and it's in PDF, so I hope you can wasily use it to get the lights working ;)

The List::

Jango_Wes -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light X 2:: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
DreadPirateRoberts -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
Ruffkintoy -- Combo 1 - Just the 2 Red LED's :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
Spidey2222 -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
Slowmo -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#33CC00">SHIPPED
Ego -- 1 DELUXE (blue) :: <font color="#FF0000">Ordered
micke -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
Bountys Hunted -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
b.fett -- 1 DELUXE (blue) :: <font color="#FF0000">Ordered
BOUNTY HAUNTER Combo 2 - 2 Red LED's with a blue light :: <font color="#33CC00">SHIPPED
TK3130 -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
BobaFettish -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
Jango's kid -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#FF0000">PAID
vadersfavorite -- Combo 2 - 2 Red LED's with a blue light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
Hammerhead -- 1 BASIC :: <font color="#FF0000">Ordered
Nerf-Herder -- 3 Different Combos (blue, green, orange :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
malcfett -- Combo 2 & 3x Combo 3 :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
bobasfett -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
DarthVader1 -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
jeezycreezy -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
mattrinck -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
MaxPlague -- Combo 1 - Just the 2 Red LED's :: <font color="#33CC00">SHIPPED
mbmcfarland -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
steeplesteve -- Combo 2 - 2 Red LED's with a blue light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED
reidemiller -- Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light :: <font color="#0E76F6">RECIEVED

Cheers for now,

June 6, 2003 Update:

I'm happy to let you all know that the kits are coming along nicely! I've been hard at work with the help of my wonderful girlfriend. I wouldn't be able to make this many without her help :)

I just recently found some very bright green LED's. These ones are alot brighter than the ones I was currently using for the screen light. I'll be testing this baby out today, and if it lasts for a decent time on the battery, I'll be replacing the current ones with this one! The people that I already shipped the kits to, please don't worry...if this light works nicely, I'll send you all one of these by mail as well :D! I don't want some people to have a dimmer light than others, it just wouldn't be fair.

Also, I'm almost done the manual for these kits and I should be able to email everyone a copy of it in PDF format very soon. It explains all the do's and dont's of this kit and should be quite helpful!

<font color="#FF3366">* I don't have everyone's email addresses, so could everyone who paid please PM me your email, so I can send you the manual please? :)*


Hey everyone! I hope you all like what you see? :D
There's more pictures right: HERE!

I've gotten a few addreses from people and even a couple of payments. I *really* need to get all your addresses and payments before I start shipping these! So the people that still haven't PM'd me, please do so, so I can start making more and ship them! ;) So make sure your info in the above list is fine!

When you guys get these kits, you'll have to bend the lights and the mercury switch to accomodate your taste and your specific RangeFinder. I connected the lights permanently to the cirucit board yesterday and then started to bend them...bad idea! The bottom of the circuit board decided to break due to the stress :p.

So I came up with this idea where I'll send you guys the lights on the side, and you'll be able to bend them *before* you place them into the sockets by yourself! This allows you to position the as you like, place the battery into the circuit without any lights in the way and this also means that if a light breaks or burns out, you can easily buy a new one and replace it!!! The people that are getting the extra light (ie: green), you can choose to keep it in the circuit, replace it with a different color (that you can buy) or even remove it if you don't like it...and the 2 red ones will still work :D. Is that cool or what? hehehe

Anyways, if you have any questions, please let me know. And just to let you all know, I'm creating a little instruction manual with all the info you'll need about this circuit and I'll either ship it with the package, or just email you the file (probably better)!


May 28, 2003 Update:

It's been a while since last update so I thought I'd let you all know what's goin on! :D

First of all, I've changed the battery to one large watch battery which is Lithium Ion instead of Alkaline, and will last a helluva lot longer.

The battery this circuit runs off of is one CR2040 3V battery, and it will sit in a very nice battery holder that is easy to use!

Here's the deal with the life of the battery. I turned the circuit on for hours and even days non-stop to test different configurations. The circuit with just the 2 red lights lasts forever (days) on one of these batteries. The circuit with the extra green light lasts for days as well, but the green light eventually fades after a few hours (I tested it, and it was faded alot after 6 hours of constant use I believe), but even after the green light fades a bit...the red ones are still going!

I can add the blue light for you guys as well, but you should know it's a battery drainer since it's ultra bright...but it still lasts for a couple hours of non stop use, so it's up to you! :)

I want you all to know that this circuit will run very for a long time well for the purpose it's designed for: Dropping your stalk every one in a while to show off your lights. The tests I was doing were all run for days and hours non stop, which you probably won't be doing anyways, but please understand that the battery will obvoiusly drain faster if the lights are left on for hours and hours :). I just want you all to be satisfied with my design!

The size of the circuit is a little smaller I think because of the fact that I was able to get super tiny resistors that drastically changes the layout. The actual circuit board is currently: 2.5cm x 3.6cm
It fits very nicely in a Don Post Rangefinder, and I hope it'll fit in others! But the beauty of my ciruit is that it's all self contained...no wires! hehehe :D

So the people on this list (and also other newcomers), if you could all please PM me or post here and let me know what combo you'd like as a final notice. And also *please* let me know what kind of RF you're going to be putting this in (DP, or other):

(I also changes the blinking rate to be even closer to be screen accurate!)

Just to remind you all, the pricing is:
$45 for Combo 1, and $50 for Combos 2-4 (shipping included)

Combo 1 - Just the 2 Red LED's (Screen Accurate!, most efficient)
Combo 2 - 2 Red LED's with a blue light (coolest, brightest and least efficient)
Combo 3 - 2 Red LED's with a green light (pretty bright, still cool, medium efficiency)
Combo 4 - 2 Red LED's with a different color light (never tried another color, but it would be fairly efficient since it probably won't be that bright)

I'm going to finish the 1st few tonight and have them ready by later tonight to show off, and also I'll be able to ship them off earliest tommorow if I get payment and everything goes well!!! :D So you guys have to let me know your final choices please so I can get to work! ;) The people who are trading me for fett parts, I'll just make them and contact you for shipping info since there's no payment involved!

You can send me payments via Paypal to: bartekk@golden.net Or if you'd like you can send me MO, cheque whatever. Please also PM me your mailing address!

Thank you all so much and I hope you'll all like the lights!!


May 24, 2003 Update:

Hey guys, Ive come up with a yet different circuit! So this means I'll be testing the green light on the old version and also this new version to see how long the battery lasts on both! For those people who want just the red LED's...To my surprise, they can go for days and days on the same battery non stop! So that's no problem. :D

So anyways, I'll be doing those tests today to see how long the less power draining green light (along with the 2 red ones) will last. I'll be sure to post more info and most likely vids/pics very soon. I really hope the green one lasts longer because it does look very nice ;)

I've noticed many of you like the green LED better, so that makes me happy since the blue one is not fun to work with :p

Oh yeah, I'm still on the lookout for trades for parts for my fett suit in progress. I've already gotten some awesome deals from some of you, but I'm still hoping someone else will want to trade as well!! In particular, I still need the following:

- gloves, jumpsuit, ammo belt, possibly aluminum stalk/RF, armor pieces, JP pieces, basically whatever will help :D



May 23, 2003 Update: (I removed most of the pics because people with 56K modems were having trouble viewing this thread!)

Hello boys and girls! I've done a little test to check out how a watch battery would last in this circuit. It's a 2cm diameter battery.

I turned the circuit on yesterday morning @ 9:45am. The blue LED drained the battery to the point that the blue LED no longer got enough juice @ 6:00pm, so it turned off. On the otherhand, the red LED's are STILL(!!!!) working non-stop! And it's 11:10am the next day :). But remember, this circuit it turned on non-stop, not on and off like you'd be using it once in a while on your bucket.

So basically, if you want the blue LED, it'll last..but not for a long time. The Red led's will last a really long time I presume.

I'm going to replace the blue LED with one or 2 regular green ones and do another battery life test. And I'll let you all know how that goes.



May 20, 2003 Update:

Hey Hey! It's me again! :D
I've come up with a battery solution (hopefully!)!

These clips will mount ONTO the board, so I'll just extend the circuit board a little to accomodate it. The actual height of the clips is roughly 8mm and this works out perfect since the circuit with all the components on top is actually 8mm from the board up! So these 2 clips will not interfere with space height wise :).

This is also very good news, since there are no wires to fiddle with and also provides a very nice clean way for everyone to easily pop the battery in an out!

I ordered these today, so they should come soon. So please bear with me some more until I actually put these to a test and make sure all is good. I will also be doing a runtime test of the battery to see how long it will last of continuous usage, so I'll let you all know of this as well.

Also, I haven't gotten any other measurements from other people, of other RF designs. Could someone please post these, and include pictures as well?

Thanks so much everyone, and please let me know what you think! :D


Click here to see the LED Kit installed temporarily in my DP RF!!! --> LED Kit Installed

May 19, 2003 Update:

I have some good news everyone, I finished the 1st circuit! :)
Unfortunately the battery is just taped up at the moment since I haven't found a good enough solution yet...but it all does fit in a DP Rangefinder ;). I really hope this fits in other RF's! I'll need to know exactly how much room you all have in there.

Please let me know what you all think, I need all kinds of input! :D

The dimensions of the circuit (minus height of blue led's, red led's, and mercury switch since you'll be able to bend them) are:

Width: 2.3cm
Length: 3.3cm
Height: 1.0cm

This battry isn't the final one, but it's measurements are:
Battery Length:
Battery Diameter:

Here is the movie: LED Kit Installed


Good mornin everyone! :D
I realize that there are different RF's floating around and the area inside isn't the same for all of them. I'm using my hollow DP RF as reference as I don't have any other ones to test fit the circuit into! So if you have a different RF and could possibly post some pics for me and/or gimme some measurements, it would help alot in making sure that everyone can fit it in properly!

I'll be posting pics later on of the actual circuit board assemled (minus the battery) so you can guage whether it will fit in yours or not as well. Sorry for the delay in actually making these for you all, but I'm just trying to make sure you guys don't get something that'll just break and stop working! :D

Please bear with me! I will hopefully have the final design done soon so I can start shipping them away.

Again, Thank you all for the support! :)



May 18, 2003 Update:

I've been researching on the battery holder for this project and I've come up with this tiny thing. I'm trying to design it so it'll be very small and so that you all can *easily* replace the battery! :)

This isn't the final concept, but it sure is the best one for now. If anyone knows of a good online place to buy watch battery holders, please let me know.


May 16, 2003 Update:

Ok, I've been workin on the set for the past few days and thinking on how to improve things.

I think I'm going to change the battery setup as it may not be very easy to implement the tiny remote battery I'm using now since there is no clear way to attatch it to the circuit (for it to be removable). I'm in the process of trying to add watch batteries since I can get watch battery holders for these, and the setup will look a little prettier!

Also, I can't promise anything but if you guys want, I'm looking into adding a tiny speaker into the circuit that will buzz or ping in sequence with the red LED's. I know this probably isn't exactly like Boba Fett's, but it'll buzz if I get it workin! :) I'll need some feedback from you guys how many wouldn't mind a little sound...if it works?!

About payments...I have the list of people who want the set's below (thank you for your interest!!!), and I will be working on that many kits right now, so...this is the plan: I'm working in the 1st complete set right now (maybe with the buzzer too), and once I'm done this one (hopefully by the weekend) I will post vids/pics/(audio?) of it to show it off for you. Then I will contact all people who ordered one and kindly ask for payment so I can run over to the store and get brand spanking new components! How does that sound?

I really hope the buzzer idea works, so I will definitely keep you guys updated! :D

Thank you all again for the interest, and I am planning to reward you all somehow...so stay tuned... ;)

Till next update,

Ok, I've calculated all the components and all my labour that would (and already has gone) go into making these and I came up with these prices. Please let me know if you're still interested! :D

(All prices include shipping)

- DELUXE 2 Red LED and one Blue/Green/Yellow LED kit with mercury switch and one battery: $50 USD
- BASIC 2 Red LED kit with mercury switch and one battery: $45 USD

What do you guys think? ;)

Also, please remember that I'm in need of ESB suit pieces, so if you have something to trade, and I want it, I'll be glad to make a deal! :D

Here is the current list of potential customers, please let me know if this is correct, and also keep letting me know if you still want in :D


UPDATE: May 14, 2003

Ok, I have fixed the flashing and now I believe it's almostidentical to the actual RF! :D

Here's the new clip that shows off it's glory along with the wickedly powerful blue LED! :)

Fixed Flashing - Video Clip
(just wanted to let you know that if you think the flashing is not the same as the animation posted by TylerDurden, then you're wrong ;)...because the video isn't perfect and it dropped a couple frames! So trust me, it's nearly identical to the real deal!)

Here's another clip for you 56k'ers out there :), it's way under 1meg:
56K Flashing Fixed - Clip

I hope you guys approve...I think you will ;)
Now who's laughin' Mr.Tylerdurden :D :D :D

Vash, I did changed the capacitors like we talked about and it seemed to do the job, thanks for the tip!



I've started to develop a little circuit for the RF LED's!
Here are the specs so far:

- Hand made PCB (circuit board), and hand soldered by me.
- 2 Red(or other color...ie: Bright Blue) Blinking LED's (blinking in sequence, when one is on the other is off)
- Tiny Mercury switch to turn the lights on only in the down position.
- Tiny 9V remote battery that fits in the RF!
- Possibly any other custom addons you may want, like an extra LED that can light up the RF "screen" for example (ala Webchief ;))

That's it so far. This circuit will be farily cheap since it's etched by me and I buy the components (obviously a bit more if you want something else added on!). I just want to know if anyone who doesn't yet have lights in their RF would like me to make something like this for them??

I'll try and put together a price for a little kit like this and post it here sometime this week. And I will also have some pictures up of the prototype I made during the weekend soon! :D

I'm also in need of almost all fett suit pieces, so I'd definitely consider trades as well :)

Okie dokie, I'll be getting back to work now...so please post here or PM me if you're interested and/or what you have to offer! :D

Interested . . . . let us know when you have a ballpark price.

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Great! :)

I'll put together something this week regarding price, pics and other mods.

I'll re-design it to accomodate an extra LED for the RF screen since there seems to be some interest for this.

I'll keep ya'll posted ;)

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Cool, depending on price and all, I'd be interested.
Would like to see pics first though, to see if it meets my high specs!!;)
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I'm very interested as well. With the two part hollow MLC rangefinder, it should be a perfect match!!!

Right on man, glad to see this happening!

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