RF Topper Comparison: TerminalFettler and the FPH2 Kit RF Topper from WastedFett


While I was looking into the TerminalFettler RF Topper, I was unable to easily find some comparison photos... so here are some that I took today with the TerminalFettler I just received and my WastedFett FPH2 RF Topper from a helmet casted in 2017 (maybe that contributed to the yellowing of the block?).

Both are new and been stored in a box

TerminalFettler RF Topper in Black
WastedFett FPH2 RF Topper in Primer

The TerminalFettler has magnets and a flat magnet in it to make a lighting kit easily accessible - which was why I decided to buy it.
Please comment with more info.




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Is the FPH2 topper not simply a recast of the Master Replicas? I thought that was what Fettpride was using from his MR recasts onwards, including the GMH and the FPH2.


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They are both nice but represent different approaches and accuracy levels.
The TF is cut from acrylic which has greater clarity than the cast FPH.
The TF has the proper drilled holes which you cant get right in a cast piece. So the FPH has impressions of the so it looks visually similar looking up at it.
The TF also has the proper reflective plate on top.


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Also we were tinting them with a minor yellow color a few years ago to give them the aged look like the ones in the archive and have since stopped doing that, keeping them clear.


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The rangefinder lighting kit made for the FPH2 by Jc27 fit perfectly into my TerminalFettler rangefinder btw.
Glad you like it. It is possible I sent Garrett a FPH2 kit years ago and he modified the red LED holes to line up with my FPH2 kit, its been a while so I would have to go through my messages to be sure.