Removing text from hose


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I just tried model paint thinner, goof off ( like goo gone) and PB blaster penetrating spray ( because it happened to be next to me) and rubbing alcohol. None took it off on their own but after it softened the hose up some 80 grit sand paper started to take it off. Made the hose look like crap tho

Mike M.

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i'd try some zippo lighter fluid, or some high grit wet sanding. start with 200ish, then go up and up, 400, 800, 1000 or 1200, then some plastic polish or real toothpaste (none of that gel) on a fast food napkin, and finally finish it with a micro fiber cloth
take an exacto knife and take a thin layer off. it wont scratch up with sanding and you have to be sitting very still for anyone to even notice