From solvent based enamels to acrylics.....

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So i am looking to finally make the switch from the solvent based enamels to the acrylic enamels. My question is, can most brands be mixed? Im looking into Vallejo and Archive X for the most part. im assuming they can all work with each other in terms of them drying and then using another brand for a detail or whatnot, but what im curious about is mixing to make custom colors. Looks like Tamiya's acrylics are still flammable for whatever reason, so id assume those may not mix with say Archive x or vallejo. Im seeing this other brand, Mission Models as well. Has anyone used these and do we think/know if they would be mixable with the Vallejo and Archive x paints? Any info would be appreciated before i buy stuff i cant use haha!
I'd highly recommend vallejo paints, they are water based acrylics while tamiya acrylics are alcohol based. I haven't had any experience with archive x paints, but I'd assume that the archive x paints and vallejo are compatible. Maybe worth a shot reaching out to archive and seeing what they say?