Remembering the Legend and our friend Jeremy Bulloch

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First time meeting Jeremy back at CV on his way to his table.... post em if you got em!


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This seriously is hitting me way harder than I thought it would... I am beyond torn up right now. I'm really sorry for the lack of composure right now. I don't even know where to begin. I think we're all in the same boat with emotions.... share your photos guys. I would love to see them!


Met the man over a decade ago and got to have dinner with him and he even later made a cameo in a little fanfilm I did. He was a great guy. Iconic with the little screen time he got, enough to build a whole community around him. RIP Mr. Bulloch. You truly were one of a kind.


This strikes me as a dark moment. Ive only met him briefly a couple of years ago at a celebration but I got to have a little chat with him. I was a youung young guy. A teenager. He treated me with lots of respect and you did get a feel like you have known him for a long time. Amazingly nice and kindhearted gentleman. Reading of his passing feels... numbing.

Heres a photo shoot with a mandalorian costume group we did shortly after. Theres two legends on it that have now sadly passed. And even in memory they put a smile on my face.
Peter Mayhew actually crashed that photo. In a positive way obviously. It was supposed to be a "4 Fetts" shoot. Then all of a sudden there he was on the photos.

Edit: Theres litarally tears in my eyes as the realization sinks in. Strange to feel that way about a person you only once met.
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His website announced he passed away due to Parkinson's of my family members had it and he suffered terribly..
We love you Jeremy x

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Many men have worn the costume, but there has only ever been one man who was Boba Fett. One of the greatest honors I have had was shooting Jeremy in the costume members of The Dented Helmet made for him. We all have tried to emulate him, but the minute he was in costume, Boba Fett was in the room. It was a surreal and awesome moment.



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Sincere condolences to his friends, family, and all of you and us. He will be missed and remembered by generations of fans.


I sadly never met him but I’d never heard a bad word about him. The consumate gentleman in every sense of the word and he will be sorely missed. It’s been tough to see these little pieces of my childhood, of which Star Wars was a major part, slip away...


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Saddened to read this elsewhere just a bit ago. I had to come here and be with the fans that probably adored him the most. RIP Mr. Bulloch.