Remembering the Legend and our friend Jeremy Bulloch

Just a few minutes ago, I watched the 40th Anniversary behind the scenes short for ESB. And there he was as the Imperial officer in the Cloud City corridor. There were also some other quick shots in the Fett costume. I never met him but as others have said in this thread there was nothing but praise for his kindness and acceptance of those he encountered.


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Terribly sad news, especially for our community.
I got to meet Jeremy a handful of times, and was thrilled to have been part of the group that worked on his ESB costume.
He was always amazing with the fans, and the line to meet him at conventions was often one of the longest. But it was worth it to see how genuine and gracious he was.

Here's a couple of shots from 2008 when we got to see him "dress out" in ESB colors for the first time since 1980.

08.jpg TDH_Group.png

This was from Celebration 7 in 2015.


Finally, our own bcurtis arranged a small breakfast gathering with Jeremy and Maureen at Awesomecon in D.C. in 2018. It was one of his last public appearances before retiring from the convention circuit.


He'll always be the "OG" Fett to me!
I'm gutted that I never met him. I always figured that I'd have the chance. Then 40 yrs. goes by and he's gone. Still, grateful for him bringing my favorite fictitious character of all time to life.

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This is absolutely heartbreaking this man was my hero from an early age as a kid I was obsessed with Boba Fett and he definitely brightened up my childhood well into my adult years today I was painting my helmet when I read the news. Sad just sad will definitely be keeping his family in my prayers.


I am very thankful I got to meet Jeremy at SWCO 2017. He actually asked to take the picture with my V1 mando helmet instead of the BF helmet that I also had with me...he said he really loved mandos..go figure!


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I myself never had the pleasure to meet Jeremy B , but it felt as though I New him . Reading many posts here and on my local garrison site, I vicariously had that pleasure. Boba was a personal favorite of mine instantly and has been for 40 years , this is part due to the character himself and how Jeremy helped bring him to life on screen. My son is now a fan of Fett and knows who Jeremey Bulloch was way before I did. So maybe 40 years or so down the line his son will know as well. I am deeply saddened by the loss of a man I never met, but his decision to don the Fett 40 plus years ago will go on for a long long time....RIP thoughts and prayers to his loved ones.