Ralph's Mandalorian build

I would LOVE to see/know what you used for hinges and magnets...was thinking about doing the same to mine
Sorry for the blurry images! The interior has already been covered by felt liner, so it's tough to show. But the green areas are where the velcro hinges were placed (and they are quite tight to not allow for any gaps). The red highlighted areas are the magnets.

Timothy placed the velcro hinges on the side of the bracer that is furthest away from the body, and the magnets are on the side that is closest to the body (makes it easier to take them on and off yourself). I believe these are 12lb magnets. So they are very strong.

But here's what it looks like when it's closed from both sides. So no visible gaps :)

First time I got to throw these on together :) Shoulders are now attached. That's the last of it.

Just need to wait on my helmet now. Which should be here by the end of the week. Excited!