Ralph's Mandalorian build

Hi guys! I figured I'd share my Mandalorian costume progress. Going for the Beskar version.

Build list:
Helmet - ANOVOS (Getting it repainted by HDC soon)
Flight suit and gloves: Gwabo
Vest, cummerbund and cape - Steven Walker
Leathers & ammo - Sines Industries
Boots - Crow Props
Blaster and Rifle - Rare Collectibles MT
Vibro Blade - Redz

What's coming:
All armor: HDC
Grav charges and holder: HDC
Belt plate: JJ Industries



Wow SinesIndustries nailed that left boot leather piece! Looking good!

Have you suited up in it yet or is it just for a display?
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Wow SinesIndustries nailed that left boot leather piece! Looking good!

Have you suited up in it yet or is it just for a display?
They definitely did! I have :) Super comfy and fits nice. Waiting for my armor parts patiently until I put it on again though :)
Some updates! Below are some images of the armor HDC is finishing up. They will hopefully have some Alumaluster on it over the next few days.

They'll also be repainting my Anovos helmet using Alumaluster, it will look so much better.

I also received my set of Grav Charges from them. They are super awesome! Blends nicely with my bandolier/belt, and they light up and are magnetic!



I've also done some weathering to my gloves.

Lastly, I love my leather kit by Sines Industries, but the leg leather was lacking the variation in color and they were slightly too large for me. So I ended up ordering a leg set from CosmicWorkshopUK. They should hopefully be here in the next few weeks.


More soon! :)
Fantastic! Can't wait to see how this develops!
Thanks so much!

I wanted to get a sense of what my armor would look like on my current Mando soft parts :)

So I photoshopped my Anovos helmet and the fantastic chest piece Timothy is working on (over at HDC Fabrications) onto my current mannequin.

Pardon the shoddy quality, but wow! I'm so excited for this!


Can't wait to see how that helmet will look once it has an Alumaluster paint job.
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I really dig the Brown suit . The contrast with the shiny beskar looks better in my opinion than the gray some go with. This whole thing is gonna come together perfect. cant wait to see it all together.
Amazing Mando build! We chatted over at the Sideshow Freaks board a bit (Darth Dennis) about the life size Child from Sideshow. Nice to see the suit build over here! Should be amazing!
Hey man! Nice to see you on here! I really appreciate the kind words!

Hopefully some major updates over the next two weeks as my armor is being finished up!


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The leather looks great, and your armor is looking fantastic!!!
Your cat in the background cracks me up!! It's like "what the hell is he doing??" Is that something to eat???