Question about ROTJ right gauntlet switches


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Hi everyone!

I'm getting ready to put together my MOW gauntlets and want to get it all planned out to avoid complications later. On the right gauntlet, I noticed that there are two flip switches installed to the right of the four darts. (Incidentally, these flip switches seem to be missing in the "Magic of Myth" exhibition gauntlets, but I clearly see them in the screen capture -- specifically the frame where Boba Fett fires the lasso on Luke.) I've been searching the forum the past couple of days and haven't found this information -- what do people use for the flip switches, where can I get them, and how big a hole do I have to drill?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help!


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You definitely want to stick with the screencaps for accuracy. The exhibits often changed pieces, etc.

I'm not sure about the switches for ROTJ. I know ESB guantlets used a type of pushswitch. They are available if you search around. Many people just use small toggle switches from radio shack.


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The ROTJ has the ESB switches too. Additionally there are those two black toggle switches on the left gaunt aswell. ROTJ has both. :)


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I have these switches I got from a member here. I will be putting them in this weekend. It gives it that extra bit of realism!


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I love you guys! the information you have all found and compiled here is priceless! I tell myself that it's not that important to hit this just right, but every Bucket I paint up I find myself learning something new, and yearning for just a touch more accuracy... Thank you for infecting me!