Question about Jango Jet Pack Detail


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Question about Jango Jetpack Detail

Although, I've not the time to work on my jet pack project at the moment, I'm still gathering information on details.

So I noticed a detail that differs between the pics from the MoM and the Visual Dictionary.

On the classic (Kamino) Jet Pack the MoM Version has no "plates" on the red stripe (see pics), but the JP in the Visual Dictionary has them, much like Bobas Version too. But as the JP in the Visual Dictionary is much cleaner than Bobas it couldn't be just a mistaken picture I think.

So does anyone know which one was used in the movie?

Jetpack - Tank Top Right.jpg

jetpack plates.JPG
The Celebration 2 mannequin suit had the stunt jet pack. It was made from heavy duty foam. That whole Jango set up is the same one that travel everywhere else after Celebration 2's prop exhibit.
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So the detailed screen Version is the one with the plates?

Thanx for clearing that Seeker.
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Ah, again learned something today: piano slots! :)

Thanx again to the Masters of Details.
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The nozzles on my Arena jet pack are about to fall apart. I bought it off ebay and was wondering if anyone knew what they use for the nozzles. They look like some kind of plastic shampoo bottles or something.
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spinners from rc modellplanes.

or do you mean the thruster nozzles?
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Those dirt cheap air fresheners work kinda well. The ones that like, pull apart and there is the gel inside that smells oh-so-fresh! Thats what I used on my scratchbuilt, I read about people using them before, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Here's a pic:

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Someone else told me about those. I have one lying around that all the gel has evaporated out of. I will try to sand off all the raised detail and give it a try.
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