BoBF Helmet ear details - painted or indented?


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Hey guys, I need your feedback on this one. For many years we know that the Boba Fett, at least the classic one, had the right and left ear details painted in the helmet. In the Book of Boba Fett, it is not much different in terms of the paint job design.

However, the whole armor in the series went through a big overhaul in terms of design, which is similar, but a completely different armor, in which it has so many details. The helmet seems to be the same, but looking at Mystery Makers' armor files, the helmet has an option of an indented right half "U", including indented black stripes, the "0T" in the middle the "V" type symbol on the front, and the inverted "U" on the left. Of course, they have also the "clean" version without the indentations in those areas. I won't be surprised if the screen-used helmet went through the same overhaul process, which is evident in the RF stalk, but probably with the main helmet.

Is the screen-used BoBF helmet really have some of those indentations as extra details as they did with the whole armor, or they are just clean surfaces and as painted as the original helmets were? My question is based on the picture on the top right, looking at the left ear detail. I am looking for Hi-Def screen grabs and closeups of the helmet, but I can't find any.

This picture is to show you better what I am referring to, namely the 'indented" details helmet version.

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