peeling paint. what to do?


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I was painting my:jet pack
after painting the yellow, I peeled back the blue tape that was masking the red & white.
The paint started to peel.
But , it wasn't the white & red.
it was the yellow.
the edges that were touching the tape started to peel off with it.
Now I don't know what to do.
The Yellow paint is a couple years old, but it was the "rustoleum equipment yellow" so I used it anyway.
was this the prob?
the white & the red were new & no prob.
Do I have to strip the yellow & start over?
Or do i sand it down & redo just the yellow?
Or can I just feather the edges with sand paper?

i'll post some "progress' pics tomorrow after work to show the prob.
I ran into the same problem with my JP. The red and white stuck just fine, but the equipment yellow peeled up with the tape.

I had to sand down the yellow and start over. :angry I don't know if it is something in that particular line of paint, or in the primer base that I was using, or what? But I sanded it down to the fiberglass gelcoat and painted directly on that. Then when I went to remove the masking tape, I scored the edge of the tape with an exacto knife, so the paint would not peel away with the tape. It worked fine the second time around.

If it just peeled back a little and you only have some touching up to do, I've actually sprayed some of the paint into the cap of the spray can and applied it with a paint brush before. That way you have a perfect color match.
I had the same problem with mine, But I think it was more b/c of the metalic paint I was using, But try electrical tape I hear that works good for making line and dose not peel as bad. BUT thats just what I hear.
Here's the damage as promised.

it's not that the tape is sticking to the color that has been masked, it's peeling the paint that I just sprayed.

That sounds like a great idea. Watch your mailbox & hold your breath.

I can't do the touch-up idea. The paint isn't just a soild color. It is the equipment yellow with pumpkin misted in the corners. it's subtle , but it's there.

paint peel 002.JPG

paint peel 003.JPG

paint peel 004.JPG
Thats what mine did, and it looked just like that!!!!! Telling you its that silver you have on there. You might have to sand it with something like 1000g or 0000 steel wool. Then again how long did you wait for that paint to dry? But im telling you it's the silver.
Yea ... its the silver. Thats exactly what mine did too. Try sanding the silver with a fine grit sand paper. You do not have to sand it all off, but you do have to rough up the surface enough to give the next layer of paint something to stick to.

Sand the blue areas too, or you will run into the same problem. For some reason the yellow and blue (Rustoleum Royal Blue?) do not want to stick to a metallic based undercoat.

What brand / color did you use for the silver?
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