Pat's dye recipe for mohair cinch (AKA Girth Belt)


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ok i dyed mmy belt with great results,
heres what I did

2 1/2 gallons very hot water on stove
added 1/2 cup of salt and 2 4 finger pinches of powder detergent
1/2 bottle of Rit Wine Red
1 bottle of Rit scarlett
wet belt with hot water and added to dye for 30 minuted stirring about ever 5 minutes

rinsed belt with cold water until water coming off was pink

ran through warm wash cycle w/ 1/2 cap of liquid detergent

it is still pretty damp in the pic

BTW there was one more of these at the tack shop I went to, size 40




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Looks good to me. The color is almost personal preference. I think anything from brown to burgundy to even red can work. I have also seen reference pics that seam to show all those colors.
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