Painting Prop Palace Belts


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Has anyone spray painted their prop palace ammo belt a darker color? I was thinking I could take out the black stitching on the front of the flaps, spray it with a darker brown (any help on tha color would be useful) and then stitch white thread through the present holes. Any suggestions for ole Blastech?
Haven't gotten to that point but I dont think I would use spray paint. I just finished My Obi E1 boots for halloween and used NuLife Leather/Vinyl Spray Coating. Just call your shoe repair shops and the'll have tons of colors in all different shades of brown. I was extremely happy with this product. As far as the stitching goes I dont have my reference cd here at work so you'll have to get that advice from someone else. Ive looked at your belt on line. Are you otherwise happy with it? Thats actually the last thing I need to add to the Boba pile to be completed in my copious free time, not. Please let me know b/c I'm also looking at the J-acedemy tutorial and may get the vinyl this weekend.
Fettpride and I both repainted our Prop Palace belt pouches and took them to shoe/leather repair shops to be restitched. I just spray painted mine with Java brown spray paint first, and then had them restitched with off-white thread. I recommend replacing the cheap belt they sent you with a thicker one. I modified an old police duty belt for mine. Here is how it turned out, although I plan on doing some more weathering to it.
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