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Ive got a Dart Maul latex mask that I wanna re-paint...
anyone know what paint to use on this type of surface?
anyone painted a latex mask before?

I just finished painting some latex body armor. There is special latex mask paint available but it is probably an item that you would have to mail order. I made my own paint by thinning down rubber cement (you will have to check the container for the proper thinning solvent) & adding acrylic paint for color. I was able to airbrush the mixture but I had to keep agitating the bottle to keep it mixed. You would be better off using colored pigments rather than acrylic paint like I did. I had no coice as I was matching color to the rest of the costume.
Just for your info, this mixture came from several sources on the RPF & I checked into a couple of internet sites as well. I wasn't sure how it would work but the paint is on there to stay. It is totally flexible & there is no way that it will crack, chip or peel.
why not just keep the horns, cut up the tattooes, and latex those to your face, so you can talk too, oops forgot you just wanted to paint it.
One thing you can use is to take liquid latex and water it down till it is a milk consistancy. Add some airbrush acrylic to the mix to pigment it and shoot it through an airbrush. It works well.
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