Tie Fighter Pilot head on a stake-Homage to The Mandalorian Chapter 5


New Hunter
I decided to kill a few hours in lockdown, step away from my ROTJ Fett build, and pay tribute to one of my favorite scenes in The Mandalorian Chapter 5 (Stormtrooper heads on stakes). I didnt have a trooper helmet-but did have a Tie Fighter Pilot helmet (it had warping issues anyhow) so away we went... note: Ill add a "bloodier" darker soaked rag once the weather gets warmer here.



Jr Hunter
It is a cool display idea! Don't have the luxury of any warped helmets around though :p Reminds me of one of the guys in my costume group who does a 'lost' (I guess) scout trooper, from a B pull kit, which I love the idea of.

Scout Trooper.jpg