Stencil Armor Painting - Techniques ? Tutorials ?


New Hunter
Hi All, I’m about to start painting my Boba Fett ROTJ armor and have printed most of the templates. Is the preferred painting method to spray each color individually (I would assume starting with the silver). And then mask the silver, paint the next color, mask again, and paint the next color, etc .... ? Are there any tutorials showing the various techniques ?

Thanks. Bob
Hey Bob, welcome!

Pretty much anyone’s WIP thread will give you information on the process, but you are correct in that you paint the base layer of silver, then stencil damage and apply masking and paint the next layer.

Then you either remove the masking OR you can stencil the next layer of damage, apply masking and paint.

I preferred the first approach and peeled the masking after each paint layer. Then I could clearly see the extents of each damage layer. Sure it takes longer (cause you have to re-mask areas you just painted), but I think it works out better! At least for me it did (so far).
Alex Lane aka Lane Creatine aka Toofastrobot did some tutorials quite a while back that were on you tube, blaidon props also did a step buy step helmet build paint up. As for armour the best I have seen was by mojofett, he never finished the thread tho.
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