Helmet Painting.


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Hello Dented Helmet. My name is Nic and I’m new to the forum. Long time fan of star wars and full time dad and police officer here in Arizona. I have a 5 year old son who is in love with Star Wars and in love with the bounty hunters/mandalorian/empire side of the universe. He has since named his bmx bike “slave1”.his nickname is “Bubby” so he is now called “Bubby Fett” as he prefers to be called as such. I am having a helmet 3D printed for him. I’m wondering if anybody knows any custom painters or members who I could send the helmet to and have it painted. My goal is to have him a full kit of armor and jet-pack for Halloween. Any help would be great from this community.
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Hiya, there's plenty of people who will paint a custom for you on here, just search through the threads for painters.

However, they do commissions for collectors to be kept on display or for adults to carefully troop in and their prices reflect this.

If I had a young son who wanted to dress up as boba I'd either paint the helmet myself or get him a black series and pad it out to fit him.