Paint stripper ?

Do not use paint stripper, it will eat the resin, and melt it. You want to rub it down with acetone and sand it with 800-1000 grit sandpaper, wetsanding it in acetone.


Lightly ravorblade it off coat by coat in soapy water with a flat blade then sandpaper the rough spots, this removes layers of paint easily.
You might want to check what kind of primer you used. It's ok to put acrylic on lacquer, but not vice versa...
Another thing it COULD be...did you lightly sand the primed area before you laid your paint down? This stuff needs something to "grab" onto.
Just a thought...hope it helps.
Sand it smooth right down to the white and reprimer it, it wont hurt it. Just dont go to deep or you will get holes in the knee's from fiberglass bubbles under the gealcoat, perfectly normal but just dont go to far, if you do bondo just over them.
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