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Ok all, I'm pretty new here. I'm getting ready to start my ROTJ and would like to get some paint color guides. I'm sure there are some tutorials out there. Any sugestions?
One more thing, has anybody done it with cans? Since I don't have an airbrush or airbrush skills. :( Or, is it time to buy an airbrush?
well...there used to be a can tutorial...they arent too accurate but what I did for my old boba helmet...

I went to walmart and got the large Aerosol can Airbrush thing. With the topper that goes on the propellent can...i think used dixie cups and sprayed the different greens in there till i got a mix of colors that looked spot on, then shot it on the helmet...the colors turned out real good and were real close, for the damage, i would draw out your damage w/ a pencil first, then get some acrylics, or once again, spray in a dixie cup, and dip your brushes in and go for it
Thanks guys. After looking at Pavespawns thread and many others too, I'm thinking it's time to get off the fence and buy an airbrush. Just one more thing to buy for the Fett. I'm sure the wife won't mind. :lol:
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