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:cry I converted a Boba helmet to a Jango, actually I'm been trying. I followed the direction to the letter, using the exact same paint and the blue tape. I wait days before taping off, and it still comes off with the blue tape.

I'm doing light coats and waiting in between, scuffing it, the whole nine yards. I've already painted the thing 2 times. It looks like the paint doesn't want to stick to the Krylon metal finsh paint, even with scuffing.

any ideas? :facepalm
try sticking the tape to glass and then puting it on the pain. that will take some of the glue off the tape. thats what i do when painting models
Painters tape has different levels of adhesion. Make sure you are getting the very lowest level (it's marked on the side of the tape). Also, you can minimize the amount of tape you put on by using sheets of paper and tape to cover large areas. I know that some types of paint can take up to a week to fully cure. . . give it lots of time. . . do you live in a place with high humidity? Hmmmm... good luck.

I was sticking it to my arm before I put it on the mask for that very reason. I went to the auto paint supply store and asked for the least sticky tape. They said the 3m blue tape is the least sticky.

Does any one have a picture of the actual Jango showing 2 tone?
I ran into the same problem with my ROTJ Boba - Have you tried clear coating it and then taping. I found this was the only way I could do my kill stripes. Just make sure you get all of the area you need to tape - it sucks when you think you are done as the tape peels off perfect except for the end and then - back to square one :(

I have found that gloss clear coat is much better thatn matte for this purpose (I noticed that paint still peals with matte from time to time). I would suggest the gloss clear coat and then if after you are done and it is too shiny you can hit it with matte to tone it down.

Best of Luck


Jango newbie said:
Not yet, that's a good idea. thanks. (y)
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