One last wafer thin ESB paint job...

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Ok...i decided to have a go at this myself! Just ordered all the humbrol paints (and some floquils) If mine comes out half this good, ill be very happy :) Thansk TF for the list and tutorial, im sure it will help tons!


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Does anybody have a color list for an ESB using Floquil paints? I have the list of Humbrols, but I figured it would be easier with Floquil since I'm in the US.


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so what was the fix for that Humbrol 73 wine?

My personal opinion is the Humbrol wine 73 is spot on for ESB. It is a fraction redder than the Floquil Caboose, and looking at many hi-res images from the AOSW exhibit, it appears to me that the ESB mandible red has that deeper red value in it. I personally feel the Humbrol wine 73 is spot on for ESB, while the Floquil Caboose seems just right for ROTJ. Just my 2 cents, and people are welcome to disagree, but just how I see it. Peace :)

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it's just that when I do google Humbrol wine 73, it does look a little purple-pink

this is what i come up with in a quick google search:


also i see on his updated color list on the first post, he says

5. Mandibles and trim: grey 147, silver 11, grey 106, purple 73+104 (1:1), red 60, red 73.

Is that a mix?

but on his original step process the red 60 not there.
20. spray purple (73+104 approx. 2:3 ratio) onto mandibles and trim
21. remove silver/grey liquid mask on mandibles and trim
22. liquid mask silver, grey and purple areas on mandibles and trim
23. spray red 73 onto mandibles and trim

Just wondering where this red 60 goes and how

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Hi, to answer your questions regarding the colour list:
Humbrol wine 73 can sometimes look a little pink, but nothing like the image from your google search! An important step that has to be done with this colour especially, is the buffing with 0000 wire wool. This will deepen the colour hue and avoid any pinkness, this only happened to me once and caused I think by poor spray gun application or mixture.
On the updated colour list, red 60 is there to pick up the bright red details that appear randomly around the mandibles and trim. To me red 60 appears as an additional layer below the red 73.
Hope this makes sense and good luck with your paint up...(y)


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As a new guy The thought of making up a paint job with the layered method was daunting to say the least, Before i read this thread i had no idea where to start, I dont think for one moment this will be an easy process but now i have the base to start, Thanks very much for spending the hours posting your method for this terminal fettler ,it will be a huge help, very very cool helmet by the way


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Humbrol Paint list in numerical order(I believe)
11, 28, 32, 33, 34, 60, 62, 64, 73, 76, 78, 79, 82, 93, 96, 103, 104, 106, 147, 154, 159
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Hello everybody, I´ve just finished painting my bucket following this thread and I got to say that though is pretty hard and involves many time, the results are just amazing!!!! My results are not so good as Tf´s but I´m pretty happy with them and in a few days I´ll be requesting my 501 approval.
This is a great tutorial and a must for anyone who tries to paint an ESB bucket!

Regards from Spain guys.

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The visors are a grey/ smoked acrylic and are 3mm. I use a local plastic company who heat and shape for me, I just cut out the visor. Works out really cheap that way...
Just wanted to say THANKS for this.....I'm currently in the process of painting my first thing ever and this has been awesome...I've only finished the back panels so far, but I'm well chuffed with the results...So much better than I though I was capable of, thanks to this .


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Hey Terminal,

Do you have a ROTJ helmet paint up ? or gaunlets paint up ? with Humbrol colours. This is great work and would love a ROTJ reference for my paint jobs.

Thanks mate


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I just found this thread 6 years on the day after you wrote it. The thread is so good that even after 6 years this is the thread I am going to use as the basis for my bucket. I even took the time to find each step and compile it all into one document to have with me while painting. Thanks for all your work that went into this and describing and photographing each step and sharing it all. Anytime anyone asks how I painted it, I will say it's based off your tutorial. Hopefully I will do it justice ;)