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This parts list is a preliminary list as of 7/10/04:

Parts List:

Helmet – Armatures, Ear Covers, Binocs, leather bill, insignia on helmet and dome itself
Veil – red silky interior, dark purple/dark lilac pigskin suede exterior
Hood- dark purple/dark pigskin lilac suede
Broach - (with insignia
Gauntlets – 2 sets of thumb guards,2 hand gaurds, 2 cuffs (2nd cuff with leather like overlay)
Blaster – Metal upper, metal trigger, handle
Vest – Leather laces, 9 eyeholes (white seam)
Chestplate – Sintra?
Silver Hose connecter – cross like , 2 black hoses with 2-four pronged circular connectors
Belt – Leather cumberbunlike with 4 Ribs and 2 sets of 4 black metal hooks with leather laces
Stomach Plate
Concave Metal waist attachment – includes 2 "ovary bits", one small moon shaped piece and a horseshoe looking piece with rings to hold the ovary bits.
Gun holster – leather
5 metal Rock like ornaments (greeblies)– 3 on the belt, 1 double laced armband, 1leather leg belt tied
Chain of beads-
Leather Skirt – 12 rows ;14 columns (Dressing the galaxy ref)= 168 square pieces, Enough lace to tie the whole thing
Body suit – Dark Lilac? with 2 tails and extra seams (inner leg, etc) Neoprene?
2 shingaurds – with metal ankle covers
2 shoes/boots – black or brown soles and leather like trim, purple upper, calf length
2 metal toe guards – with toe spikes
Zam Quick Parts Reference
I edited it~11/18/06 with old site
*edited 2/9/16 with new site
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Guys, I just realized I quoted from the dressing the Galaxy book wrong, it's 12x14 columns! NOT 12 rows, 13 columns for the skirt.
Do you mean web site?

I don't know how often ZIA updates her site... not too often now I think. Don't know of any other Zam sites out there (except here of course), but you could Google up a search.

Is there something specific you're looking for that we can help you find?
Yes, I have ment the web site , because the links where not working.

I will start with the neopren undersuit.

Where can I get these?
Is there a special company that sells these or is it complete selfmade?
Well... start here: http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=3342

The links to the main part of her site are working... just not some of the specific parts. Still some great information. IceHeart still has the Reference CD...

There are a couple of threads about the neoprene undersuit scattered about the forum. Nobody makes them. The colors you see ZIA wearing or MonCal's wife wearing were from a couple of custom neoprene runs that ZIA made before which she won't be doing again. There are a couple of companies which make some pretty close looking neoprene which you can buy and make your own suit. JDFett found one (and I can't remember the name of it...) Use the search function to find that info.

But you'll have to sew it yourself or hire a seamstress to sew it for you.
Sorry about the un-updated website all, it's my site, and not part of the TDH~ I seriously don't have time to update or do anything Zam related. My little baby girl will be coming on Feb 29th, and with me working while preggers, it takes all my strength just to chase my 2 yr old around. Real life has taken me out of the zam equation for awhile. Be sure to save anything research related that you find on my site. I don't know if I will have to eventually drop the site or not. I tried my best to salvage as much of the research from the first site, and was attempting to recreate/list everything to the new one, but having to start from scratch and dealing with the neoprene project and other projects really put website things into halt. Most of the research findings that my hubby, DCB, Moncal, Ragressen, Maulmaus, and I did do, I tried my best to write/post to the TDH board. That way it would be saved in a better fashion, so people could hit 'search' and I wouldn't have to answer people via pm's or emails. Unfortunately, many broken links on the TDH are due to the fact that my old site hosted all the old pics that I referenced. I just don't have time to comb through every post and re-host. Sorry dudes and dudettes.

Oh, and when you hit search, Eg, if you want to research about Zam's helmet, hit advanced search, type in helmet under keywords, then highlight search in forums: Zam Wesell, as it might help your search better. Sorry that it is my only advice I can give. I am sure that others that frequent the zam boards have saved info over the years and can collaborate to help with other questions. :)
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