Official: Scope Mount Thread

Hi all, newbie to this forum. Been lurking a bit and gathering info for my ESB that I'm in the process of scratch-building. Thought I'd finally dive in with a question and a comment. I know several of you from other boards, and gotta tell you that the info and ideas that you guys have put together on this baby is really impressive. With no exaggeration, I wouldn't be as far on mine without all the info I've seen here. :)

Now the question.

After staring at the pics of the barrel bands, this is what is what I'm seeing...


Going through all the posts and threads, it sounds like the consensus is 2 separate pieces, so am I totally off my rocker here?
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Hand Schaub

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that's pretty much what I'm seeing! Nice rendering. Now, if we could just find the real world part...if it exists
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Now I know this isn't the part specifically, but I'm wondering if an older style of these might be something along the line of what this piece is.

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Well, until we find these bad boys, it's scratchbuild time.

Here is what I came up with for my blaster.
It's ABS piping and styrene..



The main ring is a little thick, but it'll do until/ if the real piece is found.
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I was searching something else on ebay and I came across this clamp. It is not the correct one used, but maybe it might be a direction to look...


It is a 1968 Camero WITTEK 1 1/16" 4/68 hose clamp.