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Have been working on this all metal HS Fett rifle for a while and was comparing it to the few pics we have. I know, its a work in progress. Still don't have my plastic rods or split plugs attached. I've got a the end clamp (closest to the MPP) actually clamped to the MPP?? My dimensions look it needs to be moved down (I've currently got my clamp at the end of the webley). I wonder if thats how they kept the MPP in place.

Before anyone's scoop on all the parts. The clamps are regular Home Depot screw clamps with heat shrink tubes covering the bands. The heat shrink tubes are used to cover soldered electrical connections...these are also available at home depot. The risers that the plug connectors are glued/attached to were hand built from sintra. The scope mounts to a standard dovetail scope rail (available from Brownells), obviously cut down.

Let me know what you think...along with the question posed above. Thanks!!

As always...thanks to Wackychimps pic hosting!!!!





Here's a few close ups on the mounts...




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Nice to see a few of these project emerging. Nice work so far... makes me want to re-do my clamping.

I believe the clamp was on the Webley Barrel itseld as you have done. On a real Webley the tube (although snug) slides far down as well (at least the tube I had) Prhaps a stopper inside the barrel would help?
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Hmmm....the more I look at the actual pic, the more I think that clamp is on the MPP. I hope some more people take a look at this.

Yes, on a real webley, the MPP does slide in the barrel rather freely. I'm not quite sure what I will do when I get that one started. I did this one for my Halloween costume, which of course I did not finish in time. :)
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If you really want to drive your eyeballs batty, check out all the pics in this thread:

In some of the pics, it looks like it's clamped to the MPP, but in a few others, I'd swear the spacing looks different from the front end of the gun, and it looks like there is Webley barrel under the clamp. Of course, I'm getting old now, and my eyes aren't as good as they once were. :cry
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Ya know man, when I first started reading your post I thought you might be nuts. Then again, this is something I have always had the same problem with. After looking around at quite a few pics I think you may actually be on to something. Your spacing is definitely off a little on yours but theres nowhere else for your clamps to go. If you look at the reference you can see that the length of the barrel does look like it should cut off right behind the clamp (overall size wise). The clamp itself looks like its built up to almost give the illusion that the barrel is longer and not just a clamp on the MPP.


Theres an awful lot of room especially how far down the first clamp is.

Either you hit the nail on the head or that Webley used in film had a longer barrel.

Well, either way, absolutely great looking rifle nevertheless! ;)
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Upon further review, it is clamped to the MPP. Based on WPK's red line on the barrel in that pic, that is the length of the Webley barrel. There is a groove visible behind the clamp at the front of the scope whereas the clamp at the back of the scope is clearly on top of the Webley barrel. See how it's raised, but the bottom of the front clamp is kind of flush with the Webley barrel? If it were around the Webley, it would not be flush like that.
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If you think about it, thats exactly how they got the MPP to stay in place. Its the first clamp that holds everything together. The second MPP clamp does just that, keeps a hold of the MPP.
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Yep..thats the way I'm leaning as well. As was stated above, the clamp on the MPP end is not raised from the Webley barrel at all; it is flush with the Webley barrel which means it must be on the MPP. I'll make some adjustments and post pics. Thanks for the input guys....
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thats a GREAT looking question reguarding the hose clamp heat shrink method: did you use shrink tubing that was slightly larger than the clamp and then applied heat, or did you simply just find a piece that just fit snug over the clamp?
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I found some that just slid over the heat. I'll try to get some updated pics up tomorrow.
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Okay guys....adding more fuel to the fire. I was making a call on one of my customers today and they had an old piece of equipment from Europe. I saw some familiar clamps...take a look....


Here is the webpage....

Apparently these come in various widths...looks like for our barrel size, the width would have to be 20mm. Do you think thats too wide?? The hose clamps on my rifle are about 15mm wide.

Oh are the updated pics....



I think its pretty obvious now that the clamp is indeed on the MPP. It still needs to be adjusted, but the back edge of my scope is now a LOT closer to the line on the Webley where the barrel meets the main housing, which is where it should be.

One note about looks as though the hole bored in my HS blaster is not parallel with the gun. You can definately see that my MPP tube points a little up. Not sure what I can do about that.....I will think of something I'm sure. Well, more comments please....
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wow - looking good! Perhaps if we find that the clamps are accurate enough we can do a bulk order? I had to do too much modification on the clamps I have.

the discrepancies in the barrel could be corrected with a sanding drum on a dremel. Usually it's just a small bump that throws off everything.. I hope ;)
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Thanks bud....I'll take a look at it when I have time. I know I'll figure something out. I am definately extremely happy with it otherwise. You did a great job!!!
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Just thought I'd throw up some pics of how I made the mounts in case anyone is interested.




Hope this helps someone....of course now I may need to change them since finding these new clamps. It does look as though the originals were indeed wider than mine. Maybe the 20mm will work out......

Not to nit pick my own stuff, but it also looks like I need to switch my dovetail out for the tall version as mine looks a little short. Again, would love to hear some feedback on this.....

Last edited by a moderator: also looks like there are little holes drilled in the electrical connectors too!!! Accuracy sure is a pain in the butt, but so worth it!
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:eek: AWESOME! :eek:
You did a Great job and it looks to be one of the best ESB blasters we've ever seen. (y)

Thanks for the pics on how you made the clamps also. It will be very helpful when we start making our blaster pretty soon.
Once again Great job. :)
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