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I know there was a thread on this somewhere done the search but still I cant find it anywhere so....
Has anyone bought one of these

and are they any good or should I wait for a radioshack amp.
I do believe it may have been TK409 who had posted a review about this particular amp recently, but I can't seem to find the thead for it either.. I do remember that he stated it was capable of projecting your voice to be quite <font color="#00FF00">LOUD:eek:, when the volume control is turned up all the way. Perhaps, he'll chime in on this subject again..:), or if you can wait about 5 more days, maybe I can tell you first-hand about it, when mine should finally be arriving at my mailbox!;)
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I bought one awhile back and did a review on it. It is a great amp. It is nice and loud. THe casing is a bit bit, but could be dissasembled and rearanged to be smaller. If you order one, tell them Rimshot sent you.
Yes, I got one and it's great. Fits into your thigh or pouch pocket. Volume is super LOUD when turned up all the way - awesome. Here it is compared in size to The Radio Shack amp.



As a UK based alternative, get down to your local Maplin's shop and check out the "Yoga personal voice amp".

Same sort of idea as those, but already in the UK, so no shipping. Cost is £29.99 if I recall correctly.

I had one (before I got my rom FX - which rocks like a viking, BTW) and it was pretty good for the price. You can take it to bits and you're left with 2.5" square PCB and a speaker which'll fit pretty much anywhere.

If you're stuck finding one, or don't have a Maplins local, give me a shout ny mail or PM and I'll happily get one from the Bristol branch and either send it up or bring it to November's Mem (assuming you're going - which you should because it's gonna be a biggie).



Scratch that last post, mate. I just checked and they are discontinued on the website. :(

I'm happy to check in the bristol store to see if they have any old stock lying around.


Cheers Si,
Got myself a newton amp off ebay last week (£28.00 shipped) and as TK409 said this thing is LOUD with very little distortion even at the top end.
Now, have any of you Newton amp owners taken it to bits yet? i'm not too hot on electronics and dont wanna mess it up when i pull it apart by not knowing what i'm getting into!
any tips would be great.

yep Si I will be at Mem in Nov, if i'm accepted by the UK Garrison I may come as helper (already a few Boba's going :D) but whatever, see you there, looking forward to seeing your Fett in person.
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