newly completed custom armory

Darth Squeet

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Went on a sidearm binge a few months ago and everything has come together nicely, SO FAR. I'm in the process of building 2 custom costumes so each had to have his own weapon, right?
Thanx to Secol for the hosting BTW.




Megalomaniac Mando

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Those look great, Squeetsy.

The bottom pic, the pistol, looks kinda Star Trekkian to me. Maybe a dark over wash would knock the clean and shiny Roddenberry look down a bit. Still looks cool, though.

Darth Squeet

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Yeah I was thinking it looked a little too clean myself ,but I don't really like it anyways and it was just a throw together while I waited for paint to dry two nights in a row.


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Sidearm blasters look great!
I like how they have pieces that match with fett's armor and weapons.
I agree you also might want to add something to the silver blaster but other than that, they look great.
Keep it up.