~New Zammer~

Melli Offee

New Hunter

I'm a new Zammer, and I currently have a friend working on my helmet, but he got a little stumped over the ear piece parts. Could someone give me a bit of info on how those parts are created or direct me to a thread with the information? I would really appreciate it.

Melli :eek:
Well let me welcome you to the dented helmet! I myself am a Fett, but there are Zams around here who can help you out! I hope to see a Zam from your user name in the not to distant future!
Welcome to the TDH! :D There should be more than a few threads regarding the helmet on the Zam board if you do a search.

I'm looking at my helmet (made by someone else here on the boards ) and the ear pieces were molded separately from the main helmet and then attached. The little rectangular pieces were also made seperate and held in place with two nails each. As to exactly how the ear pieces were made and with what... that I can't really answer.
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