New Zammer, just getting started...


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Hey there, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to all this, I just decided to make a Zam (to join our local 501st) 4 days ago, and since then I've practically lived at this site, so I wanted to say hello to all of you who have given me such great ideas. In the past two days, I have made 5 "greeblies", and some leather pieces, and I have tons of ideas now.

I'm a full-time student so, unfortunately, my budget is going to be way lower than what all of you seem to be spending, which means making more things myself from scratch. It will be a good learning opportunity! I am a fairly experienced costumer, making Halloween, Fantasy and Historical costumes for over ten years. Even with that, this seems challenging (it’s so detailed, with so many parts) but I’m determined. We don’t have anyone doing Zam here, so I’m excited. I’ll post progress updates eventually…


Welcome, Digital Princess!

I'm the resident grandma...and one of the few admitting to crafting a Zam that's more "budget" than "cannon". There are many talented folks posting here, as you can see, and they are so generous sharing their expertise.

You say that there are no Zams where you are- where are you?


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I live in the Las Vegas area. (Vegas is my "local" 501st, although I actually live about 2 hours away... makes shopping for all this stuff a bit of a challenge. I go to California a couple of times a month though...).


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Welcome to the Zam madness! You should find all the help you need here! I am currently getting everything together to start on my wife's Zam costume.


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Welcome to TDH and the Zam forums!

You'll find lots of information on the boards here, just start perusing the various threads and you'll find lots of ideas on how to construct things! One thing you don't want to skimp on is getting a Zam Reference CD (I think IceHeart is the one with those now ??? Correct me if I'm wrong! ) That way you can get some good pics and decide how you can best make the parts w/o busting the budget!

Don't forget you can use the "Search" function as well to find specific items that you're looking for. And ask questions... Someone.... somewhere has probably encountered the same problem (or made the same mistake! :lol: ) as you!

Good luck!


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Welcome! You might check out zamgram's wonderflex thread if you are looking for budget materials. I built a fairly budget-friendly Zam for CII and would be happy to share any info on it with you. In fact, it might be worthwhile to start a thread on the low-budget version of the costume (unless that conflicts with the costuming standards of the board - mods?)

Have we ever met since you get to CA so often?

Zam I Am

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Hey, I made my chestplating out of a yard sale sign and a sheet of sintra on the back. There are tons of ways to cut corners!

sl tk8456

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Welcome petal :)

Great costume to do and as I've sadi many times before, gutted I'm a boy. But only for that reason, LOL.
Any help you need you need this is the place.
You've taken a step into a larger world


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Thanks everyone for the help and advice.

(In answer to the question, it's very possible that I've met some of you who are Californians on my travels. I go there frequently for historical re-enactments, Disney, and other events. I was just there for the Star Wars exhibit in LA. I'm hoping to make it to Southern Faire before CIV, but it doesn't look likely.)

As far as the costume, I'm planning on buying the reference CD (I've sent a PM) and I've been doing a lot of scavenging. I've made some ties with my local 501st, and they are pretty helpful, too. I probably will need advice or info on the fabric/material when I get to that point...

Kay Dee

Welcome DigitalPrincess! It seems this costume is gaining in popularity! Good for you for making your own greeblies. I was not that brave.

There are a lot of pieces to this costume. Another way to keep it budgeted is to just take it really slowly so you aren't spending all your money at once. That's kind of what I'm doing anyway. Slowly accumulating things over the course of the year while working on other less expensive costumes :)


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Yes I read on an LOTR site once:

"Inexpensive / accurate / fast "

Pick 2 any 2 for your costume... and that is what you will have! And honestly, I think it's true. (although by fast I think they are talking "Halloween Crunch Time" fast )