*New update* both gauntlets finished *pictures*


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I have finished painting the right gauntlet but still have a few details to finish. Thanks to my Canadian friend for the aluminum gauntlet darts, they are fantastic(sorry for the crappy picture but I asure you that the detail is dead on to the original). I still need to buy some black pastel color to turn it into powder for the black weathering on the gauntlets, attach the other brass fitting for the right gauntlet and the small tube that go above the darts.

LMK what you guys think, if I need to improve anything.









Lookin' good so far! That's a good idea, using a skeleton for structural support. Any pics of that?
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Sorry, I thought of taking the pictures of the inside of the flamethrower unit after it was closed. But what I did was divided the inside in sections with thick cardboard in the same way a ship's skeleton is constructed. I did this to prevent the outer walls to collaps due to heat or time.
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Looking really really good, Defiler. Nice work. If mine look half as good when they are done, I'll be pleased!

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Very nice!
I look forward painting mine. Hope they will turnm out as nice as yours.

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Thanks guys, many of the scratches cant be seen and the rocket is more weathered than it looks in the pictures (crappy webcam). I will start working on the right gaunt this week. :)
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wow that looks really good, great work.
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Defiler wrote:

LMK what you guys think, if I need to improve anything.

Just a nice coat of green on there and they'll be just about perfect! :p

Nice lookin' gauntlets buddy.

And those gauntlet darts . . . they look great! ;)

Hey Defiler, make sure that there's a way for you to attach the hoses to the right gaunt. Two from the same place you have the connector, and one coming from the top "thing" sticking out. There's 3 of total hoses coming from the right gauntlet and none from the left (which looks terrific!) if you're going ROTJ version.

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