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Sorry if this has been asked before, but what color should the neckseal be? I mean, everything has a little varience depending on the resource. I'm doing a ROTJ. Should the neckseal match the vest or the flightsuit? I seem to see it both ways, about a 50/50 mix. Originally I thought vest, so I built my neckseal and made it cream/light tan to match perfect. Then I got looking at the MoM pics, and the meckseal seems to match the flightsuit. So of course, I redo my neckseal and finally got a closer match to my suit. Now, looking again today, I see a lot of members match the vest. Man, both ways seem to look right to me. Any advice? Hopefully I am not opening a can of worms here;)
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I agree, matches the vest as it's attached-it should all be one garment.

Same color and material but NOT the same garment. This was proven here many moons ago. Its a separate piece actually sewn onto the jumpsuit but made of the same vest material. Most wear it as a separate piece worn under the vest.
Is there a difference between ROTJ and ESB? I spent a lot of time looking at the MoM pics. The neckseal is def light gray. Almost a little lighter than the jumpsuit, but def not the same color as the vest. I don't know, it almost looks somewhere in between-light colored like the vest, but gray like the jumpsuit-


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I just recieved a Fett neckseal from TK-409 (for dispalying my helmet . .but probably towards a full costume too eventually :) ) and it looks virtually identical to the neckseals shown in your MoM pics.

The light grey/off white colour looks very well matched as does the material. It even closes at the front with velcro just like the screen used version.

I'd highly recommend his stuff, great quality.
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