My Zam Wessell Build

Really long time later but I have finally finished and approved my Zam Wesell costume. It seems like such an incredibly long road!

I wanted to add some more pictures of the finished costume, because I never really got around to posting this. Yes I did go crazy and covered the entire boot with new leather as I felt a stuck on piece didn't look the same to me.


Some of the individual pieces:


The dome was 3d printed from a file a friend made just for me. My better half made the goggle frame from brass we got at a model building shop. The hose greeblie and eartabs where cut from pvc. Goggles were made from some knockoff binoculars with some more model building parts. The dome was painted silver and I brushed the weathering on.




Chest piece

I hand cut this from PVC sheets, the frame as well. The frame was covered with leather. The original Pope pieces a friend from Australia has send me were used, I hand sculpted and casted all of these greeblies.



Hand made from rigid PVC (not Sintra) because I wanted these to be a perfect fit. Many layers of pvc, sanding some putty here and there. The cuffs were both made with genuine leather that I dyed to match the parts.



These (and the toe armor) are the only pieces I bought and where made by Moncal. I covered them in leather and dyed them to match trying to copy over the gradient effect on the reference material.


The costume is a lot of parts, my Garrison doesn't have a Jango to troop with and I also finished my live Action Bo-Katan, which I picked over Zam every time :lol:

I sold this costume at the beginning off the year, but not before I supplied photo's and helped update the 501st Legion Zam Wesell crl which has a lot more pictures of every single piece of the build. Costuming:Zam Wesell - Databank
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