I started this little adventure of Jagodom a year ago, I think. Here it is a sample of the WIP. It is due to be done this weekend.


I will update as I finish the last little bits and pieces.
Lookin' good so far, dude! Just a few suggestions: try to get the ammo belt right on to of the girth belt. I had trouble with this as mine always slipped down after troopin' for a while. A little bit of industrial strength velcro did the job. Ya may also wanna get some straps for your shin armor so it doesn't move around with the jumpsuit when ya walk. Nonetheless, that's really great work so far. Ya got a :jet pack?
Thanks for the feedback. Those on my list of to do. ;)

And before anyone asks, yes I do have boots. I just like walking around barefooted :p

Tonight's activities include;
-Taking some material out of the shin area from the jumpsuit. (there is enough material there to fit 2 of my legs.)
-Sewing on the shin straps.
-Sewing on the over sleeves and the hook up for the gauntlet tubes.
-Finishing the harness

Tomorrow will be to find my center chest daimond and put that on. I will have to wait to fit the JP.

Then I have to finish my BKBT "Dented" bucket. Needs the visor installed and padded.

I have to finish this before I get the wacky idea to work on another project. :D
Wow, that's Jango done right!

You may want some booth though, troopin' in bare feet could start to suck after about 3 minutes.

Great gear! I doubt you will need many upgrades, just get it all durable so nothing slips, and you will be good to go!

Shoot us some pictures once you get it all together and you're out doing backflips off the roof!
Here is the "finished" version that I am submitting to the 501st. I just need to do a write up on the stubby jet pack and dented helmet to prove it is canon. :)

Head shot:

Full body front.
Looking good like everyone else said. If I were to make a comment, I would say that you sharpen the edges of the chest armor. Jango's had sharp clean edges, bobas had the softer edges like you are showing. Is that JD armor? I know mine came with soft edges too.
well after a ton of time, I got approved. I hope to see you all at Dragon Con this year as BH-938 and look forward to comments on how to tighten up this costume. Like working making the armor have sharper lines. ;)
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