My WIP pictures... Pic heavy!


Hopefully ill have a helmet to show WIP pics of soon B^) and im working on a deal for set of armor so keep your fingers crossed for me B^) ha ha Any ways i just got in my first set of guns in the mail (have 2 more on their way) and i thought i would share pics of them along with one i picked up a couple of weeks ago at target on their clearance isle.

the first set of pics are a Lazer Tag gun i got off evil bay for a really good price (got 4 for the price one usually costs) its a bit bigger than i thought it was gunna be. the second couple of pics are a Nerf gun that works with the Wii remote. it was on clearance for 3 bucks so i couldn't pass it up. I just got finished sanding off the logos of the Nerf gun, next well be the lazer tag guns B^)

the last set of pics are the boots i plan on using if i can make covers for the logos on the back heal.



that light sensor is gunna be a pain to work around... any suggestions on what i can do with it?? keep it? cover it? take it out and fill it in some how??
the gun comes apart to be more of a pistol ... i think i like it better together B^P
in this pic it shows this thing that pops out when you hit the switch at the bottom of the pic... no batteries so i dont know what it duz yet B^P

not bad for 3 bucks just needs some filling in and adding a bit to the back and it should be a good hold out blaster.



ill post more pics of the guns once i get more work completed on them. B^)
DUDE! I love those boots!!!! I would do so much to that Nerf gun!!! You have the makings of a unique mando... I'll be watching this...
krylon fusion;) also you sig goes against the Bible i dont think its good to insult God like that :(

thanks for the paint tip... as for my sig i don't think it goes against the bible at all... and its not ment to be insulting towards god either. im sorry if you see it that way. :(

DUDE! I love those boots!!!! I would do so much to that Nerf gun!!! You have the makings of a unique mando... I'll be watching this...

for the boots... i got them here unfortunately they no longer have that style :cry but New Rocks have many styles that work :p
as for the nerf gun... im not sure what to do with it.. i have it all sanded, and i know i need to add something to the back part to fill in where the pull back was. but other than that i have no clue. any suggestions would be awesome!! B^)
O M G !!! O M G!!! O M G!!!!!!

i had a slip from the post office on my door yesterday so i went by there to pick up the package... but the postman hadn't gotten back yet and wouldn't be back till after they closed...soooo i went by there today expecting one of my maybe guns that i had won off ebay... well i was right BUT i was also SUPER surprised to see two more boxes....

this was in the first box i opened...

I didn't even know he had shipped it yet!!

This was in the second box i opened...

:eek: i knew this had been shipped but according to tracking it was still in California :p

and last is something i want to use as a gun/anti aircraft type o thing...if i can figure out how to build a weapons rack backpack. (wanting to go a heavy weapons mercenary type of mando)

what do you think?? its missing its scope though but i got it for 4 bucks off ebay so im ok with that plus that's what the range finder is for !:p:p

now to go read directions on the fiberglass kit!!!!!:confused:confused:D

/edit he he didn't know i couldn't do O M G together
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almost forgot.. where is a good place to get a T visor?? ive seen one on ebay but not to sure about them... they kinda look lightly tented, would rather it be a lil bit darker.
Oh My Gosh!! Dude, we are SOOOO like minded!!!

You might try a chaingun on your arm, I got one and made it out of, a carboard tube and some dowels.

If you need some armor, I can make you some cheap. :) P.M. me if your other deal falls through.

I can also make you a chain gun too. :)

Thank you so much!!! ive seen that sight before but could not remember it :confused don't ask me why i couldn't ... its kinda easy :p but it has been a while and im getting old so that's prolly it B^) again thank you very much

Oh My Gosh!! Dude, we are SOOOO like minded!!!

You might try a chaingun on your arm, I got one and made it out of, a carboard tube and some dowels.

If you need some armor, I can make you some cheap. :) P.M. me if your other deal falls through.

I can also make you a chain gun too. :)

:lol: a chaingun would be cool but like i said above im getting old and once my other guns get in ill be quite loaded down :D but it is a good idea for his backstory :rolleyes

as for the armor... im sending payment for my armor on friday. so once that comes in all ill need is my right gaunt, soft parts (have a friend that might be able to help me out with that) leather bits, and knee armor (thinking of going with boba maker for those kuz they look darn good), and i may also see about getting one of boba makers holllow RF (have an idea), and also need to pm the guy with the holllow aluminum RF stalk. o and electronics...:facepalm dang now that i listed what i still need to get it seams like a lot :angry ha ha
cr4nky has a listing in the cargo bay for knee armr, and they are pretty cheap too. :)

yea i PMed him a couple of weeks ago...unfortunately he lives in Norway and shipping would break me :cry and that's without tracking :( believe me i wanted them BAD!! :D

eep just went back and looked at bobamakers knee armor and saw the price... for some reason i was thinking they were cheaper after shipping. BUT i do still want one of their hollow RFs :D
make some out of foam, or use knee pads from home depot. they look pretty sweet. or catchers shin guards have knee pads, and look sweet to boot!@
here is the basic color scheme for the helmet, and the colors i want to use for the armor... i want to add something to the helmet and possibly to the armor but im not sure what i should do... i really liked Shado's 3 lines on her helmet so i want something like that.. not to big or bold just a lil sumpin to give it that extra kick! I don't plan on adding kill marks to the helmet so i really want to add something.


once i retuchup the armor pic ill post it in this reply as well... stupid computer locked up on me before i could save the finished image :angry
I like it! btw... where'd u get the gaunts from?
i got it from tk337 in the cargo hold. it was one she was selling B^) now i just need to get a right gaunt :D

also i put a link under the pic so you can see a bigger pic of the helmet colors though for sum reason it is still a lil bit small B^(

but the upper cheek part isn't black its actually the gray with a gradient getting darker as it gets closer to the outer edge, just like the red part of the cheeks, it goes from a nice dark red and gets darker as it goes up. i hope it turns out well B^)
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welp i got my last set of pistols in the mail today B^) so glad to finally get them. they were actually the first ones i payed for but it took for ever for them to be shipped and arrive B^(

i haven't taken pics of them yet but i will tomorrow! to pooped today, way to hot out there and had to run grandmother around B^P that can wipe the energy right out of ya!! i also got the templates for a :jetpack jango jetpack off Mano Merks and as soon as i find a printer to print them out i wanna try and make a scratch built jetpack. i also have an idea for a hand held protocol droid (like the one Lowbacca uses in the Young Jedi Knights books) but ill take pics and see what yall think :D

also i sent payment for my armor and i hope it comes soon!! :D once it arrives ill take pics, and if its as good as the finished pics look ill let you all know where i got it from. its fiber glass armor and it looks like its good quality. i just hope it is :facepalm

Edit: forgot to mention ive been working on my bigger guns this past week, got the red dome censor thingy cut off two of them and took out a few inside bits to keep it form vibrating and making a bunch of noise. now it only lights up like its sposta (power bars and ammo indicator along with what i guess is a venting action in the handle) ill post pics as soon as i get more headway on them B^)
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ok well i did a lil work today on my nerf gun... got it primered.. gotta say its lookin good. also painted my M-P-D :D mobile pocket droid :p used for translating and slicing :lol: also took pics of them and my new guns. i now have 6 guns ;) one small holdout type, two pistols, two carbines, and a bazooka type :p i have a rifle on its way and then im DUN with guns!!!! :lol:

just need to do sum filling on the nerf gun and it will be ready for paint, though i don't plan on doing much other than painting it black with a few dark red highlights. the carbines are ready to start filling as well then i can primer them up and paint them as well... i hope to work on that this weekend. the pistols... heck don't have to do a thing to them so they are ready :D the MPD just needs a few dark red highlights added and a 9V battery and it will be ready. :)

o here are the pics

:lol: he he its the lazer tag sensor! :D

new pistol

and nerf
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